Benchmarking and Market Expansion


ISO offers a variety of robust analytic tools

Whether you’re a new entrant or looking to adjust your current strategic positioning, anticipating the direction of the insurance market—and quickly reacting to changes—are critical for success in today’s heightened competitive market.

To help you assess your performance and develop new strategies, ISO offers a variety of robust analytic tools based on one of the largest property/casualty insurance databases in the world.

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Data-driven decision making

ISO provides access to extensive granular data, robust analytics, and dynamic platforms so you can:

  • Fuel your analytical insights with aggregate premium and loss experience data at the ISO class code level with ISO DataCube
  • Benchmark your portfolio against many others in the insurance industry through the interactive dashboards found in ISO Market Landscape
  • Easily glean insights essential for primary, excess, and reinsurance decisions from customizable industry data with ISO’s Excess and Reinsurance Suite