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The Verisk Data Exchange™

Commercial Auto Telematics

Frost & Sullivan 2021 Company of the Year Award Winner

Frost Sullivan Award Preview

Frost & Sullivan 2021 Company of the Year Award Winner

Frost & Sullivan has named Verisk as its 2021 Company of the Year, honoring the Verisk Data Exchange for outstanding achievement in the North American Telematics Data Exchange Industry Excellence Best Practices category.

DrivingDNA: Essential building blocks for behavior-based insurance

Intro Driving Dna

DrivingDNA: Essential building blocks for behavior-based insurance

Verisk’s commercial auto telematics solutions help insurers harness data to make more informed risk decisions. Years of in-market experience, an expansive network of automakers and telematics service providers (TSPs), and hundreds of billions of driving miles in the industry-leading Verisk Data Exchange™ can give you a detailed view of portfolio risk.

Just as DNA distinguishes organic life, DrivingDNA reveals distinct behavior-based driving characteristics. Whether you’re already active with telematics or are looking to launch your program, DrivingDNA provides vital, scalable risk insights and tools to help you succeed.

How can you improve the profitability of your commercial auto portfolio?

Driving behavior data and insights provides new levels of visibility into commercial auto risk, helping you attain a competitive edge. Verisk makes it easy to weave telematics into the insurance workflow.

Research and product development

Uncover risk insights, accelerate product development and modeling, and make more informed strategic decisions.

Research And Development

DrivingDNA® Lab

Study the lift and effect of real-world telematics data and develop advanced predictive models using your existing commercial auto portfolio.

Risk selection, rating, and underwriting

Improve risk selection and pricing accuracy with event-level driving data attributes, predictive scores, and insights.

Driving Dna Score

DrivingDNA® Score

Use an advanced scoring model to lay the foundation for an expansive telematics program with superior driving risk insight and speed-to-market.

Driving Dna Data

DrivingDNA® Data

Fuel your program with normalized driving and mileage data from connected vehicles and TSPs, packaged to meet the specifications of your proprietary scoring model.

Gps Telematics Reporting

GPS and Telematics Reporting

Gain a new, more informed perspective into fleet risk with continuous reporting of driving behavior, radius-of-use factors, zone class, and more.

Accelerating your telematics journey with Verisk

Commercial Auto Insights from COVID-19 Related Exposures and Data-Driven Risk Management Strategies

Comm Insights Webinar

Commercial Auto Insights from COVID-19 Related Exposures and Data-Driven Risk Management Strategies

The pandemic’s impact on businesses of all sizes has forced many to adapt on the fly. What does this mean for the exposures insurers cover, and what data tools can guide future strategy and operations?

From IoT Data to Actionable Insights

From Iot Data

From IoT Data to Actionable Insights

IoT data opens new doors for insurers. The Verisk Data Exchange is tackling the challenge of refining telematics driving data—which now exceeds 250 billion miles.

Additional insights


Frost & Sullivan honors Verisk's telematics platform in 2021 awards

The Verisk Data Exchange recognized as 2021 Company of the Year for Industry Excellence by Frost & Sullivan

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High-performance analytics empower telematics point-of-sale rating

Drive telematics-enabled pricing sophistication and robust risk segmentation with DrivingDNA at point-of-sale

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Avoid Speedbumps

Connected cars pave the way for targeted growth and profitability in usage-based insurance

Turn connected cars into a new marketing channel that supports profitable growth in personal auto insurance by using telematics information for proactive prospecting.

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Take your telematics data even further

Make The Most Of Market Movements

Insurance Consulting

Verisk insurance consultants can help you leverage telematics data and analytics to better understand how they align with your strategic direction.

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Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Solutions

Commercial auto underwriting tools come together to fundamentally change your underwriting process, bringing speed, accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use.

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