Section 111: Cause and Effect

Understanding the downstream impact between reporting and Medicare conditional payments

What is the relationship between Section 111 reporting and conditional payment recovery efforts?

Section 111 reporting and Medicare’s conditional payment recovery activities are directly related. This makes it important for insurers to know what the downstream effects of providing CMS with data and information in order to mitigate risk while maintaining compliance.

Download our report, Section 111 Reporting: Cause and Effect, to learn about how mandatory reporting directly impacts recovery efforts. The report helps you avoid common pitfalls and improve your practices by:

  • Using CMS’s Query Process to build proactive MSP compliance practices
  • Managing ORM reporting to limit exposure
  • Improving Total Payment Obligation of Claimant reporting practices
  • Mastering ICD code reporting to get it right

Don’t get swept downstream with improper reporting practices. Learn about these effects so you can maintain MSP tranquility.

Download the report