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Xactimate Mobile: Estimating on the Go

Powerful mobile estimating for your Apple or Android device

Get an assignments, sketch a structures, estimate a claims and settle onsite all from your smartphone or tablet.

Xactimate mobile is available for Android or Apple.

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Faster measuring with Xactimate Sketch AR and Sketch AR + Lidar


Sketch AR + Lidar

Xactimate Sketch AR™ frees you up to make direct-to-Sketch measurements from your lidar-enabled Apple device* and adjust on the fly. Just point and tap on each wall to quickly sketch the room, and add doors and halls in seconds.

*See system requirements


Sketch Stairs in a Snap

Simplify the complexity of measuring staircases. Use your lidar-enabled Apple device to easily measure the stairs' width and top, then add the number of treads and the landing. Works for regular, L-shaped, and U-shaped staircases.

Let Xactimate suggest your next line item


Xactimate mobile - Suggested Items

Let Xactimate suggest your next line item

As you add line items, Verisk Artificial Intelligence and Automation (Vai) automatically gives line item suggestions on what you’re most likely to need next, based on the loss type, trade/category, room type, and location.

Support for your inspection staff


The Xactimate Inspection Tool

Support for your inspection staff

With the Xactimate Inspection Tool, you can grant access to the specific functionality your employees need to perform proof of loss and preliminary inspections.

Capture videos along with photos of the loss

Video Capture

Capture videos along with photos of the loss

Take time-stamped videos in Xactimate mobile to provide “the big picture,” connecting rooms and perspectives in a way that still images simply can’t. With HD video captured in 720p resolution, quality is high enough to extract stills.

Next-level photo handling

Man Typing On Laptop

Next-level photo handling

Easily work with photos from capture to assignment.

  • Bulk-edit labels and notes.
  • Annotate and label photos using your voice.
  • Label photos automatically by location.
  • Mark up photos with text and annotations to highlight details of the loss.
  • Attach photos to forms and generate work authorisations.
  • Sync images and videos to XactAnalysis.

Measure using DISTO


Measure using DISTO

Xactimate mobile connects to your Bluetooth enabled Leica® DISTO device, allowing you to import your measurements directly into Sketch—saving you time manually measuring and entering dimensions.

Speak to record a voice note

Xactimate mobile lets you take notes verbally, rather than having to type them into your laptop. You can take notes as you go, saving time as you move about the site.

Xactimate mobile FAQs

You'll see high levels of precision when following the in-app instructions. Keep in mind that the device you're using, the sensors, our software, and the human element are all contributing factors in outputting an accurate measurement.

We plan on supporting other devices in the future. While Sketch AR is available on many iOS devices, Sketch AR with Lidar is only available on lidar-enabled devices. Check our system requirements.


Your Xactimate subscription comes with access to all three platforms: online, mobile, and desktop.

No, the same Xactimate ID cannot be used to log in to multiple platforms at one time, as stated in the Xactimate user agreement. If needed, you can purchase additional user licences by contacting Verisk Sales at +44207 680 4970 option 3.

Yes, users must have a connection to log in for the first time. After that, users can continue to work without an internet connection. Without an internet connection, users can’t access anything that requires a data connection (e.g., cloud list and new assignments).

For security reasons, local data is cleared from the local projects list. The second user will receive a message warning that this will happen before they log in.

The colleague would not be able to download that project until you upload it back to the Xactimate Cloud. Once a project is downloaded locally to a mobile device or desktop platform, the status for that project changes to “Checked Out.” This means it is locked to other users until the project is uploaded back to the cloud or the lock is manually broken by a SUPER user in Xactimate online.

It will be returned directly to XactAnalysis.

This feature is not available for security reasons.

Yes, profiles can be changed by going to the filter and selecting Profiles. Anything you check in the filter will automatically get synced to Xactimate.

Not in Xactimate mobile, but a user could send the estimate to the online or desktop platform and change it there.

Yes, when a project is deleted from the projects list in the cloud it is unrecoverable.

The same thing that happens when an assignment is rejected in Xactimate’s online or desktop platform. You will be prompted to enter a reason for the rejection, the assignment will be removed from New Assignments, and its status will get updated to “rejected” in XactAnalysis.


Not for Xactimate mobile, since there is no app for Xactimate mobile for Windows. However, you can use Xactimate desktop or online platforms on the tablet, as long as it meets the system requirements for those platforms.

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For product information or pricing our sales team is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. GMT (except Bank Holidays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

  • Sales: +44207 680 4970 option 3

For service or support:
Free live chat (via the eService Centre) is available 24/7 (except Bank Holidays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day) to assist customers in real time.

Phone support is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. UK time, Monday – Friday.

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