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Xactimate Desktop: Powerful Field Estimating

Portable estimating

From daily to catastrophe claims, the full-featured Xactimate desktop is the industry’s standard for residential and small commercial estimation.

Get started with a new subscription and by downloading Xactimate.

Sync to the Cloud – and your team

Sync To Cloud

Sync to the Cloud – and your team

Download files from the Xactimate Cloud to work on them later when you might not have a connection in the field.

All of your estimate and assignment information is stored in the Cloud so you can flexibly capture a loss in the field and then share it with coworkers back at the office.

Complete more tasks quickly with macros

Completed Tasks

Complete more tasks quickly with macros

With Xactimate desktop you can record macros of your most common estimating actions, allowing you to apply them to future estimates for faster, more consistent work.

Visual reference search

Visual Reference Search

Visual reference search

Make it even easier to add line items by using a visual image reference search.

The power of Sketch

Power Of Sketch

The power of Sketch

From complex stairs and roofs to rooms, hallways, and openings, Xactimate helps you build Sketch diagrams of the loss from scratch, wireframe, or import.

Collaborate with policyholders and your team


Collaborate with policyholders and your team

Launch a ClaimXperience collaboration from Xactimate to get eyes-on-site using your policyholder’s mobile device to stream loss video, images, and files.

Auto-save your work


Auto-save your work

Auto save helps keep your work safe. When you’re online, your local saved data automatically syncs to the Cloud so it’s always accessible.

Pricing research you can hang your estimate on

Pricing Research

Pricing research you can hang your estimate on

  • Receive monthly cost updates for the neighbourhoods where you have claims.
  • Researched cost data is tailored to the postal code of each loss.
  • Automatically receive the appropriate cost research with your assignments based on the postal code of the loss.
  • Quickly and easily find the items you need using Xactimate’s advanced search features.
  • Download as many pricing databases as you need from any Xactimate platform.
  • Get key insights on the costs being charged by repair professionals in the areas where you are estimating claims.
  • Participate in cost research by offering feedback, answering surveys, and completing estimates that will be included in Verisk’s pricing analysis.
  • Drill down to see the full detail behind how unit costs are compiled including productivity, wage rates, material components, waste, taxes, and much more.

Xactimate desktop FAQs

Yes, with a subscription to Xactimate, you get access to all three platforms: online, mobile, and desktop.

An instance is a virtual installation of Xactimate. Instances can be compared to network installations of Xactimate but in an online environment.

Verisk sells licences per user. Since each user has their own unique Xactimate ID, you would need to purchase seven user licenses—one for each employee.

Yes, and users of that instance have user@[InstanceXactNetAddress]. Unless it is limited by security groups within Xactimate, users will have the ability to view all assignments on an instance. This is similar to how network installs work.

Currently users can see the projects list but cannot open the projects.

You would have to log in to Xactimate in the instance from which the estimate was worked on.


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