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Verisk Industry Trends for October 2022

Verisk's Pricing Data

Notable changes in the October 2022D price list release.

LONDON, United Kingdom — 03 October 2022

For more information, please refer to the ‘Quarterly Construction Materials and Labour Pricing Update’ document for additional comments, news and for further analysis.

  • The price of Diesel decreased by 7.53% on average since last quarter.
  • Plasterboard price increased by 8.97% on average followed by insulation with 6.67% increase in price on average across the UK.
  • Most flooring types increased in price by 2% on average while paint and roofing materials decreased by 2% on average across the UK.
  • Our Research Team reported the biggest wage increase happened in the South-East region of England.
  • General Labourer’s wage increased by 2.32% on average across the UK.

Please contact the UK pricing team if you would like to discuss any of the changes listed by contacting us at

  • Please note, no items were added, modified, or deleted this quarter.