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50 Years of Moving the World Forward

Verisk 50th anniversary emblem

Since we opened our doors in 1971, we’ve been driven by a passion for using data and insights to make a difference—helping protect people, economies, society, and our planet.

For 50 years, we’ve combined our unique data with advanced technologies in new ways to unlock meaningful insights about risk, moving forward to become a global leader in cutting-edge analytics. We’ve stayed at the forefront of developing innovations to help customers manage the risks they face. And while our golden anniversary is a natural opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come, it’s also a celebration of what comes next.

The Difference Makers: Building Resilience

In this three-part series, Bill Churney, President of AIR Worldwide, and Matt Moshiri, President of Verisk Maplecroft, explore how Verisk’s data and analytics, models, and expert insights help our customers quantify risk and make decisions. They discuss the importance of taking a holistic approach to make companies and communities more resilient and sustainable.


Part 1: What Are the Challenges Companies and Communities Face in an Increasingly Risky World?

How can we navigate climate change, political stability, cyber risk, and more?


Part 2: How Is Verisk Making a Difference?

How do we use data and analytics to make companies more resilient and sustainable?


Part 3: What’s Next?

Where are things headed in the next 5 to 10 years and beyond?

Our Journey of Growth and Innovation

Over five decades, we’ve evolved from a nonprofit advisory rating organization for U.S. insurers to a global leader in data, analytics, and ethical corporate practices. Along the way, we’ve entered new markets and countries, positioned ourselves for future growth, and led the way in groundbreaking uses of technology to keep our customers—and the world—moving forward.

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Stories from 50 Years of Putting Customers First

Watch and read our stories of how Verisk is moving the world forward through innovation, collaboration, and a dedication to serving our customers. 


A View on New Trends: Helping Bank of America Anticipate Customer Needs

Bank of America shares how Wood Mackenzie’s insights on the energy transition and its trusted data for natural resources help the bank deal with business challenges and tackle new markets.


After the Deluge: Helping Homeowners Rebuild Their Lives

Pilot Catastrophe Services shares how they use Xactware tools to speed the flood claims process, enabling policyholders to get started — even if they’re still under water.


Achieving Smarter Compliance: Making the World a Safer Place

Valvoline explains how Verisk 3E provides it with the clarity and ability it needs to be compliant in the global regions it serves, making the world a safer place.

50 Years Customer Stories Dallas Flooding 738

Leveraging AIR Analytics to Inform Resilience Strategy

Dallas’s Chief Resilience Officer worked with AIR to understand the potential economic losses due to natural disasters and the most effective mitigation measures. 

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The Difference Makers: Transforming Insurance with AI

In this three-part series, Rich Della Rocca, President of Claims, and Neil Spector, President of ISO, explore how AI is transforming our world and rapidly changing customer expectations. They discuss the far-reaching implications these changing expectations are having on the insurance industry and share how Verisk has been innovating to help insurers meet their customers’ needs now and in the future.


Part 1: How Is AI Transforming the Insurance Industry?

What are the opportunities and challenges?


Part 2: How Has Verisk Innovated to Make a Difference?

How do we use advanced AI technologies and data to help customers transform their business?


Part 3: What’s Next?

Where are things headed in the next 5 to 10 years and beyond?

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