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An array of risk-specific, address-level information

Up-to-date, address-specific analytics in one powerful suite

It takes an array of risk-specific, address-level information to underwrite and price property insurance, manage exposure at the portfolio level, and keep up with changes at renewal. Assembling the data can be a scavenger hunt—but it doesn’t have to be.

Ice, Fire, Wind, and Water

Stay Prepared Ahead Of Rising Disasters

This report examines recent activity, trends, and data-driven tools to help insurers and communities better measure and mitigate risk surrounding three especially destructive categories of hazards: Hail and severe thunderstorms, wildfires, and hurricanes.

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Granular data drives more accurate underwriting

Abstract Data Points

Granular data drives more accurate underwriting

From community resiliency and safety data, to natural hazard and catastrophe risk, LOCATION® provides a suite of solutions that can put much of the data you need in one place, strengthened by analytics for an even clearer picture of the risks you face. Models are frequently updated to reflect the latest risk landscape and draw on Verisk’s deep expertise spanning over 50 years.

Risk analytics for every property you insure

Location Capabilities

Verisk constantly innovates to deliver one of the most comprehensive suites of address-level risk data and analytics to help insurers.

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Get risk-specific, address-level information for every property in your book of business

Commercial Construction Site

Building Code Enforcement

The BCEGS® program provides information on communities’ building code adoption and enforcement practices across the country.

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Police Car

Crime Risk

Crime Service delivers past, current, and projected crime risk scores for specific addresses across the United States, with additional insights broken down by crime type.

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Aerial View Of Coastline

Distance to Coast

Distance to Coast examines the coastline, capturing how close properties are to oceans, gulfs, the Great Lakes, and other major bodies of water.

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Fire Protection Risk

Public Protection Classification (PPC®) measures the effectiveness of a community’s fire mitigation efforts and the property site relative to station response and water resources.

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Hail Risk Assessment

Hail Damage Score assess the potential for pre-existing hail damage to a property. Hail Risk Score measures the likelihood of future damage over the short to medium term.

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Waterline Flood

Flood Risk Assessment

WaterLine™ assesses flood risk across the contiguous United States, providing a relative risk score that uses probabilistic simulations.

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Sinkhole Home Damage

Sinkhole Risk

Sinkhole Service helps insurers mitigate sinkhole risk and guard against hidden damage lurking at properties throughout Florida.

Learn about Sinkhole Service

Wildfire Risk Assessment

FireLine® examines wildfire exposure, providing property-specific scores that reflect the key risk factors of fuel, slope, and access, and risks exposed to wind-borne embers.

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Pursuing new markets can be challenging. See how Verisk's ecosystem can help.

It takes an ecosystem of resources to enable accurate geocoding for the most challenging locations

Geo Pin Flyer

It takes an ecosystem of resources to enable accurate geocoding for the most challenging locations

Knowing the exact location of insured property is critical to accurate underwriting and pricing, but some of the riskiest exposures can be among the hardest to pinpoint

Access the data online through a variety of flexible options, including your web browser, Verisk platforms, or API.

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