An array of risk-specific, address-level information


Address-level information to underwrite and price risk

Risk-specific, address-level information guides underwriting and pricing, portfolio management, and fully informed renewals through a suite of solutions that put critical data in one place.

Resilience and Public Safety

Public Protection Classification

PPC® measures the effectiveness of fire protection in a community.

Crime Risk

Past, present, and projected crime risk scores that help forecast losses.


Information on a community’s building code adoption and enforcement.

How fire station type factors into evaluating community fire protection

Verisk research shows the differences between considering fire station type alone and taking a more holistic approach when evaluating a community’s fire protection capabilities.

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Hazard Risk


Assess wildfire risk using advanced remote sensing and digital mapping technology.

Hail Risk and Damage

Data that insurers can use to help manage hail risk more effectively.

Sinkhole Risk

Accurate, reliable data to quickly assess sinkhole risk in Florida.

Wildfire Risk Analysis

Verisk wildfire risk analysis determined the number and percentage of properties at high and extreme risk from wildfire in the 13 most wildfire-prone states and two Canadian provinces.* Our FireLine Risk Reports contain complete state or provincial-level risk analyses.

*AB, AZ, BC, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA, and WY

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Geolocational Data

Distance to Coast

Displays distance between each risk address and major body of water.


Pinpoint a property’s actual location down to the decimal.


Homeowner data

Homeowners insurers often rely on a few property features for underwriting. But other data can have a powerful impact at critical decision points in your workflow. Homeowner data from Verisk can improve your ability to find risk more than using property data alone. That can take underwriting to the next level.

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Pricing and Premium Data

Territory Codes

Assign the right territory to every policy to calculate the correct premium.

Premium Tax

Quickly and accurately determine local premium taxes in DE, FL, IL, KY, MN, MS, NY, and SC.

Get the full picture

ProMetrix is a robust source of information that can help insurers gain a complete view of commercial properties. Our reports are based on extensive data which include LOCATION’s suite of solutions.

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