LOCATION® Underwriting and Rating Data

We offer a full range of products and services that provide risk-specific information representing every address in the United States. You can use them at the point of sale, at the portfolio level, and for policy renewals. Our offerings help you make superior underwriting and rating decisions.

  • Building Code Effectiveness
    Provides information on a community's building code adoption and enforcement practices to help you predict how well a structure will fare in a hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster
  • Crime
    Gives you objective, accurate crime risk data representing every address in the United States, including past, present, and projected crime risk scores
  • Fire Protection
    Assesses fire protection capabilities, including Public Protection Classification (PPC®) Service, Future Effective PPC Service, and Fire Station Type Service
  • Foreclosure Alert
    Provides actionable information to help you minimize risk from properties currently or previously in foreclosure
  • Latitude/Longitude
    Provides the latitude and longitude in decimal degrees for the entered risk address
  • Premium Tax
    Determines each policyholder's correct location and premium tax and whether an insured is in multiple tax zones
  • Sinkhole
    Gives you accurate, reliable data on sinkholes in Florida, including a score to assess the proximity of a confirmed sinkhole to a property and a score reflecting the number of settlement indicators in the area.
  • Territories
    Gives you the correct territories for your personal and commercial lines policies, including your own territory definitions

LOCATION® Catastrophe Management

We offer data and analytic tools to help you manage catastrophe risk. You get objective, accurate risk assessments for catastrophe perils threatening every address in the United States.

  • Earthquake Risk
    Helps you manage risk from earthquake and other perils resulting from the earth's tectonic movement, including hazard risk reports, lava-flow hazard zones, tsunami evacuation zones, and catastrophe risk modeling
  • Flood Risk
    Helps you accurately determine flood zones and flood risk
  • Hurricane Risk
    Helps you manage exposure to loss from hurricanes, including distance to coast, windpool eligibility, and catastrophe risk modeling
  • Hail and Severe Thunderstorm Risk
    Provides risk information at each location on tornado, hail, and straight-line windstorm and the relative risk compared with other locations in the county and state
  • Wildfire Risk
    Manages wildfire risk at the address level, including FireLine® — which provides a score for the risk factors of fuel, slope, and access, as well as an overall hazard score