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Fast-track meritorious claims while improving fraud detection

ClaimSearch® is more than the world’s largest database of property/casualty claims—it’s also a robust claims intelligence platform. Its claims-matching technology is an essential first step in fraud detection, and the results can help facilitate fast-tracking. The platform also provides seamless access to integrated claims fraud-detection and investigative analysis tools.

Insurance Fraud Management (IFM) 2024

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Insurance Fraud Management (IFM) 2024

Don't miss your chance to connect with insurance professionals on effective fraud management tactics, evolving strategies of tech-savvy fraudsters, and the latest tools to combat insurance fraud.

More than 95% of the property/casualty insurance industry relies on ClaimSearch.

Matching: Important first check against insurance claims fraud

Iso Claims Solutions

Matching: Important first check against insurance claims fraud

When an adjuster enters a claim into ClaimSearch, it's compared to more than 1 billion claims. If there's a match, the adjuster gets an alert with details. This match report is a vital first check against claims fraud because it can turn up:

  • multiple policies on the same vehicle
  • prior SIU involvement
  • several addresses for the same individual
  • Social Security number used for more than one person
  • a number of other insurance claims fraud indicators

Historically, 86% of claims entered into ClaimSearch have returned matches.

Visual ClaimSearch - Claims Alerts Dashboard speeds decision making

Iso Claimsearch Dashboard

Visual ClaimSearch - Claims Alerts Dashboard speeds decision making

Determine if claims can be fast-tracked or if they require a closer look with at-a-glance insight.

Each claim is color-coded (next to the claim number in the upper left-hand corner) to reflect whether it has the following:

The dashboard includes a list of specific alerts (if applicable) as well as a timeline of any matching claims with loss type. You can drill down to learn more about both alerts and matches.

If claim status is green, consider fast-tracking. Yellow claims with matches may need a quick review—or more, depending on the matching claims found. Red claims with alerts may need to be slowed down for evaluation and possibly referred to SIU.

ClaimSearch adheres to the highest data security standards. Learn more about our commitment to data privacy and security.

Uncover fraud and improve efficiency for life insurance claims

Life insurers can use the advanced claims-matching technology of ClaimSearch to help:

  • Detect point-of-sale misrepresentation at the point of claim
  • Identify claims filed by insureds after a death claim
  • Find missing beneficiaries
  • Automatically check and report claims for potential fraud, child support liens, and OFAC

Learn more about the ways ClaimSearch can mitigate life insurance fraud.

Powerful claim insights for insurers, self-insureds, TPAs, and more

Powerful Claims Insights

Powerful claim insights for insurers, self-insureds, TPAs, and more

ClaimSearch serves thousands of insurers, all 27 workers’ compensation insurance funds, more than 400 self-insureds, numerous third-party administrators (TPAs), and many state fraud bureaus and law enforcement agencies involved in insurance fraud investigation and prosecution.

Accelerate Claims with Verisk’s Claims and Policy Report

Claims Policy Report

When it comes to processing claims efficiently, every second counts. That's why we've developed our cutting-edge Claims and Policy Report, designed to fill in data gaps as early as the First Notice of Loss (FNOL).

Learn More

ClaimSearch seamlessly integrates with Verisk's full suite of claims solutions

Decision Net

Decision Net

Find critical data to complete claims quicker, spot potential fraud, and fill in gaps to improve decision-making.

Learn more
Medsentry Teaser


Uncover medical provider fraud, waste, and abuse in your medical billing data with predictive analytics and expert clinical analysis.

Learn more


Fight claims fraud with the power of predictive analytics and leverage accurate claim scores to expedite meritorious claims for settlement.

Learn more

NetMap Analytics

Identify organized insurance fraud activity in your claims with network analytics built on robust industry data.

Learn more
Digital Database

Image Forensics

Uncover fraud and preexisting damage in customer-submitted and third-party loss photos with the new digital media database and image forensics in ClaimSearch.

Learn more

Subrogation Solutions

Get essential data to identify subrogation opportunities faster, initiate the recovery process, and improve customer satisfaction.

Learn more

Detect fraud in digital loss images

Digital Database

Detect fraud in digital loss images

ClaimSearch customers can detect preexisting damage and uncover potential image fraud with the digital media database. This free enhancement gives you access to prior-loss photos on match reports and cutting-edge image forensics to detect suspicious images.

Access foreclosure information in ClaimSearch

Iso Claimalert Foreclosure

Access foreclosure information in ClaimSearch

ClaimAlert™: Foreclosure reports foreclosure activity users report to ClaimSearch. It alerts you when a claimant has a property in foreclosure, giving you an opportunity to investigate cases where moral hazard could be an issue.

Quickly access ClaimSearch in Guidewire

Iso Claimsearch Accelerator For Guidewire

Quickly access ClaimSearch in Guidewire

ClaimSearch customers can access all the functionality of the visualized claim intelligence platform in Guidewire ClaimCenter. The ClaimSearch accelerator allows users to access claim history insights without leaving their claims management system.

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Involve the policyholder. Improve the process.


Involve the policyholder. Improve the process.

Now claims representatives can truly collaborate with policyholders. Involving the policyholder more deeply in the claims process can help improve customer satisfaction and reduce claims-handling costs.




Respond® predictive analytics help you correlate each storm’s severity and anticipate the storm's effects more accurately. You can better mitigate risk, improve service, and optimize response resources.

With Respond, Verisk is changing the way insurers react to damage from natural hazards. Respond lets you visualize the effect of each peril in the context of local policies. The near real-time weather analytics are tailored to your needs and integrated into your workflow.

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