Auto Claims

Auto Insurance
November 14, 2018

Rethinking insurance for a rapidly changing world

The growth of smartphones and online shopping has changed consumers' expectations. They want a fast, accurate, and personalized buying experience. They want coverages for…

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October 16, 2018

Uncovering fraud in auto extended warranty insurance

For most drivers, purchasing an extended automotive warranty for their vehicle means peace of mind in the event their vehicle malfunctions and needs critical repairs. For…

August 27, 2018

Verisk’s Coverage Verifier contribution accelerator receives Ready for Guidewire designation

Verisk's Coverage Verifier contribution accelerator, which has received the Ready for Guidewire designation, can help support this objective.

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July 30, 2018

Interview: Into the future with ADAS and vehicle autonomy

Andrew Blancher, director of commercial auto product development at ISO, recently interviewed David Zuby, executive vice president and chief research officer at the…

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July 11, 2018

How a professional’s reputation can expose inflated claims

Trusting information at face value is a thing of the past. Claims professionals know this well, because they must gather information on a claimant and research prior…

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June 7, 2018

Lessons learned from 2017 hurricanes help insurers for this season

As we prepare for this year's hurricane season, it’s important to look back on last year’s losses to uncover ways insurers can handle claims more effectively and…

Uk Claims
June 5, 2018

Digital claims processes: Key to satisfying connected consumers

The UK insurance industry is one of the largest in the world, paying €11.2 billion in claims in 2016. Making a fundamental shift in the way customers are served requires…

Claims Discount Rates
June 1, 2018

Managing for change: Getting a jump on fluctuations in discount rates

There is a technological solution that can quickly adjust an insurer’s entire book of complex claims to new rates: piCalculator from Verisk.

Claims Blind Spots
April 25, 2018

Looking beyond the blind spots to get the whole claims picture

Missing details can be key to settling insurance claims. What insurers don’t know can definitely hurt them.

January 12, 2018

Medicare Advantage Plans update: Illinois court indicates MAPs have “double damages” rights

Whether Medicare Advantage Plans have private cause of action rights to sue claims payers (and others) for “double damages” under the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP)…

Verisks Risk Rating
December 21, 2017

New design of 2017 Hess truck carries even better ISO Symbol than 2016 design!

A debatably fun conversation to have with a child who has received his or her popular Hess toy truck is how the total cost of vehicle ownership is far greater than the…

Uninsured Drivers
November 22, 2017

UBI: A tool for growth and inclusion

About one in eight U.S. drivers doesn't purchase insurance, representing an intriguing and untapped market for insurers. Usage-based insurance (UBI) may raise a…

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October 13, 2017

Dangerous driving is costing billions

Cars today are safer than ever. Yet Americans are driving more dangerously, and it’s costing billions in property damage and lost quality of life.

Connected Claims Experience
October 3, 2017

How smart devices are providing the data claims professionals need

The growing number of smart devices in households and the fact that Parks Associates estimates that up to 25 percent of U.S. broadband households utilize a security…

July 31, 2017

Self-driving cars could bring big changes to insurance

Just last month, another automaker announced a 2025 goal to develop cars that drive themselves on city streets. By 2020, there'll be cars made for highways.