Visualize: Insights that power innovation

Visualize: Insights that power innovation

NYCM Insurance implements Verisk’s ClaimDirector and NetMap fraud detection solutions

By Carlos Martins  |  March 8, 2019

Verisk is pleased to announce that NYCM Insurance has implemented Verisk’s newly enhanced ClaimDirectorSM and NetMap for ISO ClaimSearch® solutions to assist in accurate and early detection of potential insurance fraud.

Identifies fraud indicators

ClaimDirector identifies fraud indicators at first notice of loss for incoming claims, and the system updates when new information is added. The solution can also help NYCM Insurance fight fraud proactively through innovative features such as a business intelligence dashboard, triage page, interactive key claim information, and a visual prior-loss timeline. ClaimDirector is delivered through the new visualized ISO ClaimSearch® platform, so customers can implement the solution with minimal IT involvement.

NetMap® provides next-generation capabilities that help identify fraud ring networks and other critical connections among a company’s claims and industrywide loss history data. The solution allows for insights into complex and emerging organized fraud activity within and between claims.

By implementing ClaimDirector and NetMap, NYCM Insurance joins hundreds of other insurers, self-insureds, and third-party administrators that are using Verisk’s anti-fraud technologies to help process meritorious claims faster across all lines of business and to increase customer satisfaction.

Carlos Martins is vice president of ISO Claims Solutions at Verisk. You can contact him at