Fight organized insurance fraud with advanced link analysis

Discover the hidden connections among claimants, providers, and businesses to help identify organized insurance fraud. NetMap’s advanced analytics greatly enhance the SIU’s ability to discover fraud rings within their company’s claims. The software quickly evaluates claim information, public records, and other data to reveal patterns indicative of fraud.

61% of insurers say organized fraud is increasing, according to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

Uncover suspicious networks by accessing better data

NetMap accesses broad claims data from ISO ClaimSearch—the industry’s most comprehensive claims database. The software solution uses sophisticated node link analysis algorithms and embedded fraud analytics to quickly and efficiently find connections among massive amounts of data. The system helps insurers identify fraud network indicators by:

  • Detecting coordinated fraud activity within their book of business
  • Providing customized networks of special interest in weekly reports
  • Analyzing more than 1.5 billion claims in ISO ClaimSearch
  • Examining an insurer’s internal data plus multiple public records sources via Decision Net


Insurers have used the insights in NetMap to:

  • Discover 300 claims associated with a staged auto accident ring in New Jersey
  • Uncover a workers’ comp fraud ring of 58 claimants who shared telephone and Social Security numbers

Get fast claims fraud analysis and enhanced insights

Powerful analytics and data visualization technology help SIU analysts discover intricate patterns of fraudulent activity quickly. NetMap compresses weeks of analysis into minutes, helping streamline organized claims fraud investigations and reduce the time from detection to referral. 

NetMap also helps SIU analysts by providing:

  • An interface to Google Maps for location insights
  • Powerful workflows and HTML reporting capabilities to increase efficiency
  • Quick implementation with minimal IT lift


Emerging Insights and Fraud Trends

Learn about some of the latest fraud trends and how we found 17 million discrete networks over a two-year period.

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