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Hail Damage Score helps insurers identify preexisting hail damage

By Visualize Editor  |  April 1, 2013

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hail score helps insurers underwrite riskHail can do real damage to buildings, especially rooftops. According to Verisk’s A-PLUS™ claims loss database, insurers paid more than $32.1 billion on more than 4.5 million hailstorm damage claims between 2008 and 2012. LOCATION® Hail Damage Score — launched April 11 — provides a risk score to assess the likelihood that a hail event has affected a property. You also get the number of events and date of the most recent event for each location. You can use the score to eliminate unnecessary property inspections, inspect high-risk properties, and reevaluate existing policies in term or at renewal. Hail Damage Score — powered by the AER Benchmark™ database — uses detailed historical hailstorm analysis from Verisk’s Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER).

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