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Four reasons why you should bring ISO Education in-house

Many insurers may be intimately familiar with the struggle to find, recruit, and train talented staff. Complicating matters is the demographic tsunami washing over the industry: Hundreds of thousands of insurance professionals are expected to retire in the coming years, ushering in a wave of new hires whose institutional and industry experience naturally lags behind their predecessors.

The struggle is real.

Bringing the lessons to you

With over 100 on-demand educational modules covering a wide spectrum of ISO products, ISO Education is a go-to resource for insurers training new hires, cross-training existing employees, or for those looking to productively while away these long pandemic days by improving their insurance IQ (after all, how much TikTok can you really watch?).

While the ISO Education e-learning library is freely available to customers through our learning environment on ISOnet, it can also be “in-sourced” directly into your learning management systems.

Why bring ISO Education content into your training environment? Here are four reasons:

  1. It can save you time and resources: Why invest time and effort in building out your educational materials for Verisk products when you can access ISO Education off the shelf? Using our resources enables you to devote your educational resources to more pressing priorities.
  2. You receive trusted content from the experts: ISO Education content is produced and maintained by the subject matter experts that develop and manage the products, so you can be confident that the material is extensive and relevant.
  3. You can monitor employee compliance: With ISO Education in your learning management system, you can monitor employee engagement to ensure they’re completing any required courses and training.
  4. It’s centralized: There’s a good chance your employees need to learn a mix of systems and content—your own and third parties. By integrating ISO Education into your internal education system, you can potentially minimize or even eliminate the number of places an employee has to go to get their required training.

ISO Education: Virtual education before it was a thing

Long before virtual education rocketed into our collective consciousness, ISO Education has been delivering a range of courses and modules arranged by topic or product. This material is available on an individual course basis or as part of a learning plan that walks you through the material in a graduated manner.

In addition to on-demand e-learning, the ISO Education team holds quarterly virtual office hours where you’re free to dial in, ask questions, and gain additional insights into the topics you’re interested in. It’s just one of several services we’ve developed to help Verisk customers improve their knowledge of both industry trends and Verisk products.

To learn more about how you can bring ISO Education into your learning environment, please email me at

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams is associate vice president, Customer Solutions, Verisk. He can be reached at

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