Detect and manage high-severity workers’ comp claims through predictive analytics

Accurately determining workers’ compensation claim severity early is key to controlling claim costs. wcNavigator® uses predictive analytics to help adjusters and claims managers accurately identify claim severity as early as day one.

wcNavigator identifies high-severity workers’ comp claims 40 days sooner than unaided adjusters.

Early severity detection can reduce workers’ compensation claim costs

Icon Early Severity Detection

Detecting workers’ comp claim severity early can improve outcomes because it allows adjusters to start managing costs sooner. But the signs of claim severity can be hidden deep within injury reports, medication lists, and treatment plans. That’s why wcNavigator uses powerful predictive analytics that draw upon both company and industry data.

Pilot studies show the solution can identify 82% of high severity claims at first notice of loss and predicts claim severity at closure for 88% of high severity claims by day 30.

What can you do if a claim scores high for severity?


Examine treatment plan to see if high-cost procedures are warranted


Involve home office examiner, peer review, or an independent medical examiner


Give case to senior claims staff and involve claims manager

Faster Severity Detection Vital to Better Workers’ Compensation Claim Outcomes

Faster Severity Detection

The warning signs of severity can be discovered as early as day one, enabling cases to be managed better—to the benefit of claimants and insurers.

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wcNavigator provides:

Wcnav Provides

wcNavigator provides:

  • continual rescoring as new information is received so you can make informed decisions from first report of injury through claims resolution
  • rank-ordered severity score drivers that provide insights into the reasons behind the severity score
  • the ability to integrate prescription and medical data directly from your PBM and MBR providers
  • pharmacy alerts that notify case managers and adjusters when severity-driving prescriptions are filled

wcNavigator ROI = 35:1

Wcnav Roi

By indicating which cases will spiral into complex, costly claims, wcNavigator can yield a 35:1 return on investment.

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The best workers’ comp claims solutions stem from an interdisciplinary team

Team Icon

Our team of nurses, lawyers, adjusters, and insurance claims executives lend their decades of experience to our staff of top data scientists to develop powerful predictive claim models. This ensures that wcNavigator delivers advanced analytics designed by claims people for claims people, providing you the insights you need in a manner that can easily fit into claims workflows.

Automating insights to transform workers’ compensation claims

Automated Insights

Discover how workers’ compensation data can provide valuable insights through advanced automation technology for improved results.

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