An ISO Sprinkler Plan Review gives you an unbiased evaluation of a planned sprinkler system—before the building goes up or the system goes in.

ISO’s service has significant benefits for:

  • Building-code authorities
  • Fire officials
  • Sprinkler-system contractors
  • Insurers
  • Building owners and risk managers

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Here's how it works

Submit a sprinkler plan to ISO for analysis. Our experts will thoroughly evaluate the plan according to the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and ISO's Specific Commercial Property Evaluation Schedule (SCOPES). You get a grading of the plan, plus suggestions for improving the design.

An ISO Sprinkler Plan Review will tell you if the system—when installed properly—will make the building eligible for discounts in insurance premiums.

Standard turnaround is ten days. Three-day or one-day service is available for an additional charge.

Sprinkler Plan Review offers expert assistance for building-code authorities and fire officials

NFPA standards for installation of sprinkler systems have become more complex. Technological advances in sprinkler equipment and design have increased the need for municipalities to have qualified personnel reviewing sprinkler drawings. Also, as communities, counties, and states adopt more stringent building codes, requiring more commercial buildings to install sprinklers, the number of required reviews continues to increase.

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ISO's Sprinkler Plan Review is a convenient way to outsource this vital community function

You get:

  • Review of sprinkler drawings and hydraulic calculations
  • Verification of hydraulic designs and system specifications
  • Evaluation based on current NFPA standards and local requirements

ISO has been performing Sprinkler Plan Reviews for more than 30 years. Our specialists are Certified Fire Protection Specialists (CFPS) or have certification from the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET).

If we review a plan, you can feel comfortable that ISO adhered to current standards and practices.

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Sprinkler Plan Review helps sprinkler-system contractors

Today, many building departments and other authorities having jurisdiction are accepting third-party reviews of sprinkler plans — especially when the municipal review process is backlogged. ISO's Sprinkler Plan Review can take weeks off the wait time for a review, so you can begin your construction project sooner.

With Sprinkler Plan Review from ISO, you'll know up front whether the system will qualify for an insurance credit. That can be an important bonus for your customer.


When you really need to know

ISO's Sprinkler Plan Review can help insurers price new business competitively and advise customers about reducing premiums before construction begins. If you're a building owner or risk manager, you can assess how well a planned sprinkler system will protect your facility — and identify possible savings on insurance for existing buildings and new construction.

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