Natural Hazard Analysis and Forecast Service


Respond Wind Analysis

Wind is one of the largest weather-related risks for commercial and residential property and auto insurers, with more than 1 million wind claims annually in the United States from nontropical windstorms such as thunderstorms, nor'easters, derechos, and Santa Ana winds. The Respond high-resolution analysis of wind gust and duration is used to visualize the storm path, improve response time, verify insurance claim accuracy, and reduce claim cycle time.

Visualize the Severity of Damaging Winds by Neighborhood

With Respond, insurers can integrate high resolution wind analysis into the claims workflow. Catastrophe teams and claims adjusters can view broad areas and zoom into neighborhoods within hours after a storm.

wind assessment map
Wind assessment visualization

The wind algorithm correlates wind data with damage reports and insurance claims by incorporating wind gust speeds from multiple sources of weather data. The wind field calculations combine Verisk's proprietary radar-based analysis of downbursts from severe thunderstorms with wind speed data from National Weather Service observing stations across the United States. The analysis takes into account land surface properties such as trees, grassland, and urbanized areas. The property-specific wind analysis provides a history of strong wind events since 2009.