Hurricane and Storm Surge

Respond Natural Hazard Analysis and Forecast Service


Wind and storm surge forecast and analysis

The hurricane forecast and analysis helps you estimate potential effects five days before landfall. You receive windspeed and storm surge analysis multiple times per day. The analysis includes sustained winds and gusts throughout the tropical cyclone or extra-tropical storm including wind effects far inland. Surge analysis indicates depth above mean sea level and depth above local ground level.


Comprehensive view before, during, and after the storm

Clients receive forecasts of wind speed at ultra-high resolution which enables responders to assess the wind speeds at neighborhood level. Respond provides a comprehensive scientific viewpoint during the tropical storm event when analysts are under pressure to assess financial impacts and adjust operational response. We can provide accurate, detailed information because of our extensive expertise in numerical weather modeling, data integration, and downscaling.

Respond provides independent and objective forecasts that are detailed and comprehensive.

Clients receive predictions of:

  • Strength and likely path
  • Detailed neighborhood-level winds
  • Effect on housing stock
  • Effect on populations and infrastructure at the coast and far inland
  • Storm surge elevation
  • Damaging winds that occur as the storm moves far inland
  • Updates on causes and extent of hazards on a street-by-street basis
Hurricane analysis
Hurricane wind and path analysis
Hurricane map
Hurricane storm surge analysis

Storm surge assessment

The storm surge forecast and analysis enables customers to evaluate the risk of salt water flooding of properties and infrastructure. Respond’s estimate of storm surge heights incorporates the local shoreline and physical features including bay and river configurations, water depths, bridges, roads, and levees.

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