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Weather-driven Market Analysis and Demand Planning

Respond Weather Analytics to Predict Demand


Demand Planning


Respond™ can provide detailed information on storm-driven sales of home materials by market over time. Severe thunderstorms drive demand for materials to repair damaged roofs, windows, siding, and more. Manufacturers, distributors, and contractors team with Verisk during budget planning to integrate weather-driven market analysis including storm-driven demand curves, the annual demand cycle, and year-to-year comparisons.

We empower materials manufacturers and distributors by giving you an understanding of how demand changes by market over time. Our customized predictive algorithms integrate weather-driven market analysis into your demand planning for products and distribution areas.

Storm-driven demand for home restoration building materials

Storm Driven Demand Building Materials

Year-on-year demand comparison by month

Storm Driven Demand Comparison By Year

Analyze market opportunities more accurately

Our accurate forecasts of product demand help you accelerate revenue growth. By understanding the damage effects of past storms and anticipating the effects of future storms on specific metro areas, you’ll make more reliable sales projections and can:

  • Clarify market growth versus seasonality
  • Avoid exaggerated market projections due to recent severe weather events
  • Estimate carryover from previous season’s storm damage

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