Supply Chain

Respond Weather Analytics to Predict Demand


Store-Specific Demand Surge from Severe Weather

Severe thunderstorms and the damage they cause drive customers to building supply retailers to buy materials to repair roofs, windows, siding, and other components. Verisk helps retailers take advantage of store-specific knowledge of customer behavior. The weather algorithms provide store-by-store demand surge projections, helping retailers optimize demand opportunity, plan inventory, and set staffing to meet customer needs.

Knowledge at the store level

Some of Verisk's customers are among the largest building materials manufacturers and distributers, businesses that can help communities improve resilience to severe weather. Respond™ gives you store-specific demand surge details, based on our proprietary algorithms, so you can help communities achieve faster and more efficient recoveries.

Daily Estimates of Demand Surge

daily estimates of demand surge
Respond provides daily estimates of demand spikes in each regional area based on analysis of the storm severity and effect on local housing.

Demand Surge by Retail Outlet

Retail Surge

OutletExpected # Rooftops DamagedDemand Surge
Store 2385 7,892 45%
Store 2386 3,057 18%
Store 2301 1,950 11%
Store 2355 1,708 10%
Store 2383 1,173 7%
Store 2384 616 4%

For each retail location, Respond algorithms estimate the potential demand surge due to each damaging weather event. (Source: Respond)