Workers' Compensation Survey

On-site info about workplace risks

Verisk's Workers' Compensation Survey gives you information you need to make decisions about underwriting a risk. And the survey can help you improve safety and mitigate loss in the workplace.

Workers' Compensation Survey

When you order a Workers' Compensation Survey, a Verisk field representative will visit the company's workplace locations to review the overall approach to risk management. Our staff takes a comprehensive look at physical factors, including:

  • fire-prevention exposures
  • machinery and equipment
  • material handling
  • hazardous materials

We also evaluate management procedures and controls to address physical and operational factors. And we develop recommendations to help control losses.

Verisk surveys large and small businesses

We conduct Workers' Compensation Surveys for large and small businesses. You define the type of survey you need, based on your underwriting, loss control, or other criteria.

For more information about Workers' Compensation Surveys

  • Call Verisk Customer Support at 1-800-888-4476.