On-site info about construction, hazards, and fire protection

Verisk field representatives conduct commercial property surveys for rating. The surveys use our Specific Commercial Property Evaluation Schedule (SCOPES) to assure the consistent evaluation and analysis of hazards for every property. In states where we provide such surveys, we filed the schedule with state insurance regulators.



SCOPES provides many unique features:

  • A nationally recognized method of evaluating potential losses through the interaction of key variables, such as construction, property hazards, private and public protection features, and details about the occupancies existing at the property
  • Use of nationally recognized standards — such as those of the National Fire Protection Association — and product listings of recognized testing organizations such as UL
  • Up-to-date industry loss experience

Our surveys assist property insurers in many ways, including:

  • Determining the fire-loss potential for specific commercial buildings
  • Evaluating internal fire protection systems, such as automatic sprinkler systems and fire alarms
  • Identifying hazards and providing improvement recommendations that help insurers lower risks of loss to insured property