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Commercial Property Surveys and Inspections

Explore a faster, more agile era of underwriting driven by innovations in digital data collection.


Explore a faster, more agile era of underwriting driven by innovations in digital data collection.

Verisk’s commercial property surveys gather and verify the current, detailed, and actionable data you need for more informed and effective underwriting decisions.

  • 400 highly trained field reps
  • 10 years average tenure of field reps
  • 400K surveys a year
  • 50+ years of commercial property expertise

Boots on the ground meets advanced technology

Verisk has innovated additional methods to collect and verify property data to supplement traditional on-site surveys, all while keeping highly experienced field representatives at the core.

On Site

On-site survey

Complete on-site access to the interior and exterior of the property, including fire protection systems and sprinklers. 

Virtual Field Survey

Virtual field survey

Collaboration with an on-site property representative through a real-time video link to perform a detailed interior and exterior survey.


Mobile survey

Exterior-only, on-site survey, capturing exterior photos, and collecting information via mobile device or tablet

Virtual Survey

Virtual survey

Virtual survey via remote access to the property using high-resolution imagery, Verisk proprietary data, and trusted third-party data. 

Automated data validation

Verisk proprietary and trusted third-party data are used to verify and update core property attributes.

More tools, more flexibility

Tech Human Insight Report

Digital innovation is helping close the data gap. Combining years of human experience with the latest technology enables flexible, efficient, and effective survey services that deliver the actionable data insurers need. Learn more about the strategy guiding their application.

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The future of survey services is here

Verified Property Data

Verified property data in days, not weeks

When you need reliable property data quickly, Verisk can deliver a virtual Property Details Report in three business days or less.

An expert Verisk field representative performs an on-demand virtual survey using advanced digital data-gathering technology to remotely collect and validate risk information. Get the trusted data you expect from ProMetrix®—faster.

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Convenience Without Compromise

Convenience without compromise

When a traditional on-site survey is impractical, a virtual field survey can remotely collect and verify many property details.

A highly trained field representative connects with the policyholder in real time to virtually tour the property’s interior and exterior. Verisk generates and delivers a report with risk-specific details and images gathered during the survey.

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Coverage-based insurance surveys

Multiline Survey for Package-Policy Risks

Centralized Shopping

Multiline Survey for Package-Policy Risks

Verisk's Multiline Survey—designed for package-policy risks—gives you information and commentary about several coverages and exposures. When you order a Multiline Survey about a commercial risk, a Verisk field representative collect the information you need about conditions and hazards.

You get underwriting details for:

  • Commercial property characteristics and loss exposures
  • Insured business information and description of operations
  • Commercial general liability
  • Special hazards or operations at the property

Our field representatives also develop useful recommendations and alert you to potential high-risk exposures along with unlimited photographs.

Commercial Property Surveys for Rating

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Commercial Property Surveys for Rating

Verified info about construction, hazards, and fire protection. Verisk field representatives conduct commercial property surveys for rating. The surveys use our Specific Commercial Property Evaluation Schedule (SCOPES) to assure the consistent evaluation and analysis of hazards for every property. In states where we provide such surveys, we filed the schedule with state insurance regulators.

SCOPES provides many unique features:

  • A nationally recognized method of evaluating potential losses through the interaction of key variables, such as construction, property hazards, private and public protection features, and details about the occupancies existing at the property
  • Use of nationally recognized standards — such as those of the National Fire Protection Association — and product listings of recognized testing organizations such as UL
  • Up-to-date industry loss experience

Our surveys assist property insurers in many ways, including:

  • Determining the fire and wind loss potential for specific commercial buildings
  • Evaluating internal fire protection systems, such as automatic sprinkler systems and fire alarms
  • Identifying hazards to help insurers lower risks of loss to insured property

Order a survey today

Cp Surveys

Order a survey today

Contact us to learn more about how to access Verisk’s surveys and inspections. Get objective information on commercial properties and potential exposure to loss.

Get instant alerts for high risks

High Risk

Get instant alerts for high risks

Verisk surveys feature our High-Risk Notification Service at no extra charge. If a survey uncovers hazards or conditions that present immediate potential for loss, the field representative will call the underwriter at once. You'll also get a detailed follow-up email with photographs.

Better than the industry results

Verisk customer research revealed that insurers who use our surveys average 1 point better than the industry in general expense ratio (GER)—that’s a 1 percent increase in premium. Small insurer GERs were an average of 2 points better. Read the report to learn more.

Know more with ProMetrix

Easily Incorporate 1

Know more with ProMetrix

Learn how ProMetrix provides a single source for commercial property underwriting with verified data and analytics. Access the data easily through an online report-ordering system or application program interface (API).

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