Verisk Acquires Franco Signor

Our new acquisition enables ISO Claims Partners to offer the most comprehensive suite of fully integrated Medicare compliance solutions and the nation’s top Medicare experts all under one roof.

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Achieve full compliance for future medical allocations while managing expenses

Complying with Medicare’s demands for future medical allocations requires deep knowledge of both medical and legal aspects of injury claims. ISO Claims Partners has a range of services to help you comply and expertly manage expenses.

Determine accurate Workers’ Comp Medicare Set-Asides (WCMSAs)

When it comes to determining a workers’ compensation claimant’s future medical costs, accuracy is key to successful CMS compliance. Insurers also need to protect their interests by ensuring that CMS demands align with injuries related to the claim. ISO Claims Partners offers a wide range of allocation services to help achieve both compliance goals.

Clients saved 7.2 million Medicare Set-Aside rebuttals and re-reviews in 2019.

Medicare Set-Aside (MSA)

ISO Claims Partners has the largest team of medical and legal experts dedicated to CMS compliance and accurate development of Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs). Our team partners with insurers to reduce costs and optimize claim settlement.

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Medical Cost Projection (MCP)

Our team of nurse practitioners analyzes medical records to develop future medical costs for claims. Insurers receive an assessment of medical exposure to determine if settlement is possible.

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MSA cost reductions from ISO Claims Partners:

  1. $1.4 million saved – We demanded CMS re-review of a WCMSA by successfully arguing that CMS failed to appropriately acknowledge a court decision that excluded a major condition as nonindustrial.
  2. $580,000 saved – We recommended an Amended Review (through CMS’s new Amended Review process) that led to a dosage adjustment.
  3. $345,000 saved – We collaborated with the physician and adjuster to determine the spinal cord stimulator and associated medications were no longer recommended, resulting in future medicals reduction.


Workers’ comp insurers can receive a snapshot of potential MSA cost drivers, providing them with the opportunity to intervene before the full spend of the MSA.

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MSA Second Look

Our consultative approach allows workers’ comp insurers to make the most of CMS Amended Review opportunities. MSA Second Look client savings totaled $6.7 million from 2017 to 2018.

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CMS approval rate for Legal Zero allocations is 93 percent.

Evidence-Based Medicare Set-Aside (EBMSA)

With an ISO Claims Partners EBMSA, we help you determine the future medical costs of a Medicare beneficiary (or potential beneficiary) who receives a settlement that isn’t appropriate for CMS review.

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MSA Safeguard

A new compliance service which combines our proven advocacy-driven approach to Evidence-Based Medicare Set-Aside with post-settlement protection.

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Legal Zero Allocation

If a claim is fully denied and no future dollars need to be set aside, our legal team will prepare case-specific arguments and stand ready to defend them to CMS.

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Settlement Services

ISO Claims Partners’ team of medical and legal experts can remove obstacles to closing complex claims. We’ll help identify a book of claims to tackle, coordinate settlement conferences, and expedite preparation of MSAs or conditional payments. You’ll achieve large-scale claims resolution from a concentrated, time-efficient effort.

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