Medical Cost Projection

An accurate valuation of future claim costs

A Medical Cost Projection (MCP) is a forecast of reasonable and likely future medical costs for an individual claim. You can use the projection to help set reserves and proactively plan for settlement.

What is an MCP?

An MCP is an evidence-based estimate of the total medical and prescription drug value of a claim. ISO Claims Partners uses medical, pharmacy, Medicare, and claims data to obtain an accurate assessment of the claim valuation. Our reports are prepared by experienced registered nurses.

Why use an MCP?

Use an MCP if:

  • you’re setting case reserves
  • you’re negotiating a settlement and need to know lifetime medical costs
  • you want to compare exposures (i.e., medical costs with surgery vs. without surgery)
  • you’ve determined that a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) is not yet appropriate

When the time comes, ISO Claims Partners can quickly convert your MCP into a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) to expedite resolution in qualifying claims.

How does an MCP work?

  1. An attorney who will be your compliance advisor will contact you to discuss the claim and issues involved.
  2. A dedicated review team will organize and summarize the relevant medical records.
  3. An experienced registered nurse will review to extrapolate reasonable future medical treatment.
  4. The compliance advisor will contact you again to review the MCP and address any issues.

For more information about ISO Claims Partners Medical Cost Projection

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