Accurate, reliable data on sinkholes in Florida

Sinkhole Service gives you accurate, reliable data on sinkholes in Florida. The sinkhole database, which we update monthly, goes back 20 years and is based on high-quality engineering, geotechnical, and geologic data, as well as other sources.

In Florida, sinkholes are one of the costliest perils for insurers. The frequency and severity of sinkhole claims can seriously affect your bottom line. You need to know the property's proximity to sinkholes and the frequency of sinkhole claims in the area. Only then can you make informed underwriting decisions.


Sinkhole Service gives you a score to assess the proximity of a confirmed sinkhole and a score reflecting the number of settlement indicators in the area. It's a must-have tool to help mitigate the risk of the sinkhole peril and protect you from hidden sinkhole damage costs.

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