LOCATION - Free Territory Services

LOCATION® Territory Services are available free of charge for participating insurers. You'll have access to territories for the lines of business and states for which you now participate. You can download the territories in the LOCATION tab-delimited database format to integrate directly into your own system for 24x7x365 access!

LOCATION Territory Services help insurers assign accurate territory codes for:

  • personal auto rating territories
  • commercial auto rating territories
  • personal property rating territories
  • commercial property statistical reporting territories
  • Group II zones
  • businessowners rating territories
  • commercial earthquake rating territories
  • commercial general liability rating territories

We're offering LOCATION Territory Services free of charge to thank the industry for making LOCATION Public Protection Classification (PPCTM), Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®), Wind, FireLineTM, and related services the No. 1 geographic information system in the insurance industry. We want all insurers to learn firsthand how easy it is to integrate LOCATION into their business systems and begin realizing the benefits of accurate geographic assessment.

Learn more

Go to LOCATION Services to learn about the series of databases currently available, including PPC Service, Building Code Effectiveness Information (BCEGS), Wildfire Services, Crime Service, and Natural Catastrophe Service (includes hurricane, severe thunderstorm, and earthquake data).

How can I access free territories?
The actual territory file downloads are available through FTP delivery on our secure website. But we're here to help you get started now. Please call Verisk Customer Support at 1-800-888-4476 to sign up. We'll send you the LOCATION Product Supplement (license agreement). Simply sign and return, and you'll receive a registration key with specific instructions on how to access your free territories. Once you're registered, you'll have access to quarterly updates. It couldn't be easier.

Give us a call to learn about our other delivery options, such as online, batch, and web-service API.

User guide available
Verisk's Territory Services User's Guide can help you understand the record layouts and suggested match/retrieval logic. It also includes a glossary of terms.

IT resources scarce?
Our LOCATION API software lets you directly access the hosted information at your site from your own front end. If you don't have the resources to develop your own API, you can license our API to work with Territory Services. Follow the link for the standard PPC LOCATION API User Guide or the enhanced PPC LOCATION API User Guide. Both guides provide the requirements and specifications for implementing an interface to access LOCATION data.

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