Crime Service

LOCATION® Crime Service delivers objective, accurate crime risk data representing every address in the United States. You’ll get a wealth of information, including past, present, and projected crime risk scores to help forecast losses at specific locations. Crime Service gives you the data you need to place risks appropriately and make quick and accurate underwriting decisions.

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Crime Service scores

Crime Service returns scores on a scale from 0 (safest) to 2,000 (least safe). This highly granular scale provides insurers with greater flexibility when writing in moderate- and high-crime areas. Crime scores are determined from the assessed risks on crimes reported in an area surrounding a given location.

Reliable and accurate data

The Crime Service data set is based on an advanced statistical model from CAP Index, Inc., the pioneer and premier source of crime risk data. The CAP Index® model compiles crime statistics from police reports and corporate incident loss reports from communities across the country.

The model combines those statistical data points with more than 100 demographic variables to forecast losses at specific locations. CAP Index uses address-specific crime data from different police departments to validate its demographic forecast. The model never includes race, religion, and gender in the analyses.


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