Improve general damages assessments, settlements, and liability

Evaluating general damages for injury claims, pinpointing liability, determining fair settlements, and finding subrogation are all vital to effectively managing claims and preserving insurers’ bottom lines. But carriers have been challenged to accomplish these goals while resolving claims as quickly as possible.

Liability Navigator helps improve cycle times by 35 days.

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Achieve consistent and accurate injury evaluations

Liability Navigator® produces consistent assessments for general damages, even when claimants have preexisting conditions, multiple injuries, or complications. It empowers claims handlers to better manage injury claims with predictive medical and settlement models.

Liability Navigator hunts for claims dollars that belong to you

Claims handlers get the powerful support of predictive analytics to help them find more comparative liability and subrogation dollars.

  • Streamline information gathering
  • Access decision support for liability determination
  • Discover historical settlement ranges
  • Receive claim resolution insight
  • View claim trends on graphical dashboard

Liability Navigator enables insurers to increase application of comparative liability from 8 percent to more than 20 percent.

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Improve data accuracy to optimize claims outcomes

A predictive analytics model is only as good as the data it analyzes. And if that data is inaccurate, it can lead to inconsistent settlements, claim leakage, and higher costs. Learn about the most common barriers to effective data analytics and how to overcome them by downloading the report Is Bad Data Ruining Your Claims Analytics?

Insurers can mix and match the following solutions in the Liability Navigator suite

  • Triage Module—Predictive analytics and advanced severity modeling score claims based on your historical claims data. The module allows for fast and easy claims triage based on severity.
  • Injury Module—Injury evaluation accesses historical company data to generate consistent general damages assessments. The module provides claim matching to improve settlement decisions.
  • Accident Liability Module—The module improves accident liability decisions and includes a predictive calculator to determine liability percentages.
  • Legal Analytics Module—Litigation analysis helps insurers develop legal strategy based on attorneys’ and firms’ propensity to litigate. The module provides the likely outcome against opposing counsel.

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