Insurance Consulting

Are you maximizing your analytical tools? Is a lack of actuarial talent impacting your performance?

Whether you need data-driven growth strategies, actuarial assistance, or a deeper dive into Verisk products, our insurance consultants are ready to help you drive your business performance forward.

Actuarial acumen, at your service

If you’re looking to answer specific questions, grow new lines of business, or address gaps in internal resources, our experienced actuaries are ready to help address pricing, program development, reserving and analytics. Let our actuaries help you:

  • perform in-depth rate analyses
  • improve rate structure using more granular territories or new/improved ratings factors
  • develop pricing using Verisk data and custom ISO forms, rules and loss costs
  • identify expansion opportunities
  • develop loss and LAE reserves
  • create Loss Reserve Certifications
  • combine Verisk data, third-party data and internal data with advanced analytics to reveal new insights

Maximize your investment

Maximize Your Investment

Maximize your investment

Our consulting team will work closely with you to utilize Verisk solutions to their fullest potential or apply them to new business challenges. Considering a leap into a new line of business? Want to expand to new territories? Need to derive more value from your data? Looking to understand how your performance stacks up against the competition? We got this.

Do you understand the level of risk in your portfolio?

Verisk Insurance Consulting Prometrix Whitepaper Thumbnail

As an insurer, can you ever be fully confident you understand the level of risk in your portfolio? Even if the information provided from agents or clients at the time of a quote is complete, potential risk can still go undetected.

Learn more about how Verisk Insurance Consulting can deliver customizable solutions to help you tackle such challenges.

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Put us to work for you

Our consultants can help you solve unique business challenges using the Verisk products you’re already licensing.

Iso Datacube

Discover growth opportunities

Let us assist you in developing strategic plans using ISO DataCube™ and one of the largest insurance industry databases in the world.

Learn about ISO DataCube 
Iso Marketstance

Navigate market forces

ISO insurance consultants can help you assess economic impacts on lines of business, territories, competitors, business classes, and more using ISO MarketStance.

Learn about ISO MarketStance 

Accelerate your underwriting

Our insurance consultants can help you better classify risks while enhancing your underwriting process using LightSpeed®.

Learn about LightSpeed 
Iso Risk Analyzer

Refine pricing with predictive models

We can teach you how to generate more refined loss cost estimates using the ISO Risk Analyzer® suite of predictive models.

Learn about ISO Risk Analyzer 

See your true competitive position

We can help ProMetrix® customers analyze their portfolio, identify attractive new risk opportunities and drive loss improvement.

Learn about ProMetrix 
Insurance Consulting

Enhance performance

Our consultants are available to help you drive greater value from a range of Verisk insurance products and services.

Learn about Verisk insurance solutions 

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