Wildfire Risk Analytics

A rising risk demands data that can keep up

The growing scope and severity of wildfire risk call for practical, innovative tools to help insurers manage their exposure.

4.5 million U.S. properties are at high to extreme risk for wildfire, according to Verisk estimates.

Manage wildfire risk at the address level

California Wildfires

Manage wildfire risk at the address level

FireLine® provides property-specific hazard scores based on the risk factors of fuel, slope, and access, and identifies risks exposed to wind-borne embers. Additional available insights include community-level mitigation information and historical wildfire activity.

Wildfire Risk Insight

Wildfire Risk In The Age Of The Gigafire

Managing wildfire risk has grown rapidly as a priority for insurers operating in states exposed to this peril. Recent record-breaking events has pushed wildfire toward the center of the industry’s attention.

Wildfire risk is on a rising long-term trajectory, and it takes diverse, high-quality data to take a scientifically sound measure of the threat.

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See how destruction aligns with risk

Wildfire Destruction

See how destruction aligns with risk

FireLine is extensively validated with post-event wildfire data. The tool is frequently updated to better reflect the latest risk landscape, drawing on our deep expertise in the science of wildfire trends and behavior.

Wildfire Risk Analysis

Wildfire Report Thumbnail

Verisk’s wildfire risk analysis determines the number and percentage of properties at high and extreme risk from wildfire in the 13 most wildfire-prone states and two Canadian provinces.*

*AB, AZ, BC, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA, and WY

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Understand the role and effectiveness of mitigation

Aerial Imagery

Understand the role and effectiveness of mitigation

Verisk works in concert with community-level mitigation programs to track participation. And we’re using aerial imagery to study the levels of adoption and effectiveness of property-level mitigation efforts such as maintaining defensible space around structures.

Additional insights


Wildfire season turns explosive with Bootleg, Dixie fires

Massive wildfires continued to burn in Oregon and California, feeding on fuels dried by prolonged drought and weather conditions that promoted their spread

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Preparing for a growing peril: The age of the ‘gigafire’ has begun

As dramatic as the statistics surrounding the 2020 wildfire season were, the messages they carry and the questions they raise are even more critical to address.

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Record-breaking West Coast infernos put a fresh focus on wildfire risk

Wildfires on the west coast have burned more than 5 million acres in 2020, renewing discussion in climate change's role in this growing peril.

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