Emerging Risk Research Program

Helping solve challenges that were too difficult to quantify


Tornado, Wind and Hail Risk Patterns in North America

As part of the Emerging Risk research program, severe weather research analyzed the evolving severe storm risk patterns in North America due to climate change.

The research scope included:

  • quantifying the new normal for tornadoes, hail, and thunderstorm winds
  • understanding the shifting patterns of risk related to severe storms across North America
  • determining whether such perils exhibit different frequency or severity than in the past
  • developing a methodology to delineate highly localized variation in the United States and Canada for wind and hail risk

For example, the analysis delivered high resolution risk profiles at the U.S. ZIP code level and Canadian Forward Sortation Area (FSA) postal code level.

 Roof-related claims have been a focal point for personal lines insurers during the past five years. The new data resources that Verisk creates will improve our understanding of how changes in weather patterns, population growth, and construction characteristics can impact risk.  

— Benjamin Rhodes, Vice President of Personal Lines Product Management at The Hanover Insurance Group

 Hail risk is of critical concern to the Canadian insurance market. Verisk’s plan for original research in Canada, inclusive of cloud-seeding influences, will inform how our insurance products need to evolve in hail-exposed parts of the country.  

— Jean Roy, Vice President of Rating and Classification at TD Insurance