Emerging Risk Research Program

Helping solve challenges that were too difficult to quantify


Emerging Risk Research Program

Verisk – insurance solutions helps you understand how current and future risk is changing—and how quickly. That is essential for when history is no longer predictive of future risk, and what the Emerging Risk research program was designed to address.

In the past, the greatest risks were the ones not analyzed because they were too difficult to quantify. Verisk data scientists and software engineers brought their passion to solving these challenges, and we teamed up with industry leaders to launch the Emerging Risk research program in 2011. The program offers research and analysis combined with the unique expertise of scientists from Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER™), a Verisk Analytics business, to help better determine risk changes, such as:

  • the degree to which climate change is altering storm patterns
  • what risks—such as tornado, wind, and hail—are on the rise and in what regions
  • when and where solar storms affect the electric power grid

The findings give you a clearer picture of the changing risk landscape, how it affects your business, and what you can do about it.

 Despite the considerable resources applied by the insurance industry toward research into emerging risks, significant gaps between the scientific community and the insurance industry still exist. Verisk has the technical expertise, the industry knowledge and, perhaps more importantly, the operating model to close such gaps. Our particular motivation for participating in Verisk's Emerging Risk research program is to enable us to identify new risk transfer opportunities and expand the insurance-linked securities market beyond conventional risks in a responsible way.  

— John Seo, PhD, Co-founder and Managing Principal at Fermat Capital Management, LLC.

Insurance and ILS firms participate in the Emerging Risk research program including:

Fermat Capital Management

Hanover Insurance Group LLC

Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety