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Lightning Claims Solutions

Pinpoint lightning damage to expedite potential claims

With data received directly from the National Lightning Detection Network, Benchmark lightning reports give you access to every cloud-to-ground lightning strike in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.




Identify lightning-related claims

See how many lighting strikes occurred at a property on a specific date of loss and verify the claim. Benchmark reports provide the top twenty closest lightning strikes on a particular event.

You can also use the reports to verify contents and property claims, including losses from tree falls, power surges, or structure fires.

Order Benchmark lightning reports

There are several ways to get the lightning claims weather data you need.

Girl On Computer

You can order Benchmark reports from within Verisk software platforms, including Xactimate, XactAnalysis, ClaimSearch, and Decision Net.

You can also order from the online store.

Rule Based Ordering

Set your own customizable rules for when reports are automatically ordered and delivered based on peril type, peril intensity, and peril location. Rules-based ordering is the industry-preferred method for saving you and your policyholders time and money.

Benchmark Api

Feed Benchmark data directly into your own systems using the Benchmark API for even more flexibility and efficiency.

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