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Hail Claims Solutions

Handle hail claims with confidence

Verisk was the first to provide the insurance industry with hail analysis derived from dual-polarization radar data—and made it available in near-real time. In addition, we pioneered hail impact energy data, now available to help customers more clearly determine where damaging hail has occurred.

Industry-wide, over 30% of hail claims are assigned an incorrect date of loss.




Master your hailstorm response

Respond™ uses industry-leading science to estimate and analyze losses from hail damage, reduce loss adjustment expense, and improve the policyholder experience. Respond’s hail algorithm precisely maps where hail falls, provides details about the hail, and the estimates severity of the damage it may have caused.

This not only accelerates your response and recovery efforts, but also allows you to alert and advise your policyholders to take proactive action when a damaging storm may be approaching.

Respond is delivered in shapefile format for viewing in a GIS platform, like Respond MAP.

Respond MAP

Visualize hailstorm impact

Respond MAP is a web-based mapping and analytics platform that allows the user to visualize Respond data with a powerful, interactive interface.

Respond MAP lets you view locations of interest, like policies in force, overlaid with Respond weather data. Respond hail data updates every 5 minutes, 15 minutes behind real time. This automated near real time weather footprint is only possible with the Respond MAP web-based platform.

As soon as you open Respond MAP, you can see how many of your policies have been impacted by damaging hail as far back as 2009.

For damage outside the storm swath, Benchmark can help you determine if properties were damaged by hail, wind, or lightning in a previous storm, possibly warranting further investigation.

Interactive Charts

Use interactive charts and plots to determine the number of locations impacted by hail and the magnitude thereof.

Respond Map

Respond MAP

Upload your own claims information after an event, overlaid with respond weather data to determine the veracity of claims and protect your business from fraud.

Learn more about Respond MAP


Benchmark Reports


Verify hailstorm claims

Order comprehensive property-specific weather history reports to verify a date of loss and validate a claim. Benchmark™ reports streamline your claims process, letting you fast track simple claims and spend more time on cases that may need further investigation. Because Verisk data is available in near real time, you can pull a Benchmark report even at first notice of loss.

Order hail claims weather data

There are several ways to get the hail claims weather data you need.

Girl On Computer

You can order Benchmark reports from within Verisk software platforms, including Xactimate, XactAnalysis, ClaimSearch, and Decision Net.

You can also order from the online store.

Rule Based Ordering

Set your own customizable rules for when reports are automatically ordered and delivered based on peril type, peril intensity, and peril location. Rules-based ordering is the industry-preferred method for saving you and your policyholders time and money.

Benchmark Api

Feed Benchmark data directly into your own systems using the Benchmark API for even more flexibility and efficiency.

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