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Simplify Portfolio Management with Matisse

Matisse was created with different users in mind, to enhance all workflows across organizations in the reinsurance space. We’ve visited the many benefits that Matisse brings to senior cat modelers, underwriters, and chief risk officers. But today we’ll dive into the many benefits that Matisse can provide for portfolio managers.

Revisiting Nova Re, a fictional reinsurance company, we will show the benefits of Matisse, specifically for portfolio managers who need to make strategic and informed decisions. Eric, a portfolio manager at Nova Re, has been using Matisse for several months now and can confidently say that that his workflow has improved significantly, and he has been able to efficiently maximize the value of his portfolios. There are three features that Eric uses daily that make the biggest difference in his everyday work.

Versatile Portfolio Creation

The flexibility of Matisse not only gives portfolio managers the ability to quickly create portfolios, but Matisse can also support an unlimited number of portfolios. This is something that Eric has found to be invaluable since he has been using Matisse—and something that he has not come across with competing products.

Whether you want to import or create a new portfolio—or even if you already have a new portfolio on the server—Matisse can handle it all. To make the organization and management of all your data and portfolios easier and more intuitive, there is Data Source Manager (Figure 1). With this new tool, Eric can import an existing portfolio and simply add or remove layers within the portfolio. You can create structures, programs, and portfolios visually using “drag and drop” capabilities in the Sankey diagrams or you can use them as a table, depending on how you want to visualize and interact with your data. This allows for much more than just editing; you can fully manipulate your portfolios the way you need to when you need to, giving you complete control.

Figure 1. Import an existing portfolio and add or remove layers in seconds with Data Source Manager.

Portfolio Rollup at Various Resolutions

Roll up your portfolio in seconds with more metrics than ever before. Within Matisse, Eric can filter portfolios by any metadata field and report metrics independently and roll up catastrophe and non-catastrophe losses together easily. Taking an existing portfolio, Eric can make changes, see how that portfolio reacts to those changes, and then review all relevant portfolio level metrics. Matisse is even capable of showing users all business units in one single dashboard so that you can get a better sense of how your business is distributed across your organization.

Compare Multiple Portfolios Side by Side

Side-by-side portfolio comparisons make it even easier to report on portfolios and drill into them for further analysis. Eric enjoys the new concept of “scenarios” in Matisse, which helps represent the difference between his current portfolio and what his plan is. Scenarios provide a better way of managing things, making it easier to see what your portfolios look like, given different sets of modeling assumptions, and provides a lot of flexibility.

For example, instead of having 3 or 4 renewal portfolios, the user can have 3 or 4 different scenarios that they can toggle between and see the difference between the two sets of changes. In addition to being able to see the metrics for those different versions of the portfolio or different scenarios, Eric can easily calculate the difference between them.

In addition, through Data Source Manager, Eric can create copies of structures and change the parameters of the copies to see the differences between the scenarios. Eric has done this for various types of scenarios, including loss-loading assumptions, different model versions, and currency conversions.


Figure 2. Easily compare portfolios side-by-side and see the metrics for each portfolio all in one place.

Matisse provides endless flexibility and possibilities for you and your team as well as across the broader organization. From catastrophe modelers to underwriters, and now portfolio managers, Matisse can adapt to suit many different workflows to help improve the proficiency and accuracy of your risk metrics. Your teams will benefit from fast and flexible analytics, which can enhance data transparency and drive more profitable and confident reinsurance decisions.

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