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NoticeLink delivers CV-Exchange notices same day

Using traditional mailings to send notifications to loss payees and mortgagees and escrow invoices to lenders is labor-intensive, costly, and prone to input errors. Verisk’s CV-Exchange® offers a fast, easy, and economical way to manage notifications and escrow invoices efficiently and with less paper. Referencing multiple databases and applying sophisticated match technology to correct addresses, CV-Exchange helps streamline those processes and ensures greater accuracy — providing reduced costs while improving the efficiency of mailings.

CV-Exchange NoticeLink makes it easier to manage notifications, escrow invoicing

Now, with our NoticeLink® web portal, insurers can replace fax and paper insurance notices with searchable website access. Features include searchable and printable notices, combined access for multiple locations, and 24/7 access — all within a secure environment at no additional cost to lienholders.

CV-Exchange and the NoticeLink web portal can help insurers achieve significant savings in mailing costs, reduce paper usage through electronic submission, and eliminate returned mail and the associated reprocessing costs.

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