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Mozart’s new features make finding and updating forms easier than ever

Imagine this scenario: Ten years ago, an agent asked for specialized coverage to address something novel called “ride sharing.” Over time, the request became more common, and until now was addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Verisk has added new features to Mozart Form Composer, our InsurTech platform for forms development and management.

Verisk has added new features to Mozart Form Composer, our InsurTech platform for forms development and management.

In the present day, you realize you have multiple sets of manuscripted and filed language, all seemingly addressing the risks of ride-sharing operations. Now, you’re looking to update all policy forms in your library that address the topic and bring some needed harmony to the portfolio. After several hours of research, you discover “ride sharing” has been referred to multiple ways within forms over the years, and you need to search using other terms, such as “personal vehicle sharing program,” “transportation network program,” “covered auto,” and a host of other terms. How will you find all the forms you need to update and how long will it take?

You then realize another equally pressing issue. Some of the states in which you operate have uniquely defined “ride-sharing.” You need to know: In those states, which wording was created for compliance reasons, which reflect ISO’s version of the language, and which are homegrown versions we need to review?

Consistency is key

To address these challenges, Verisk has added new features to Mozart Form Composer, our InsurTech platform for forms development and management.

Concept search: Powered by artificial intelligence and developed with our deep insurance expertise, Mozart’s new concept search enables insurers to quickly identify all forms in their library that refer to the same insurance concept or idea, with or without consistent specific language across the varying forms. Using machine learning, Mozart’s concept search is trained to find phrases that relate to the topic you’re researching.

Mozart Preferred Wordings

Preferred wordings: Once you’ve identified the forms that require updates, Mozart’s preferred wordings functionality can compare the forms against ISO and/or your proprietary policy language previously approved by regulators. Insurers can then save specific language as a “preferred wording” and compare it to current and future form updates. Users are able to see the comparison between the saved language and any changes made within each form. This flexibility allows users to search for the wordings they wish to find without needing to seek out exact, word-for-word matches.

Mozart Preferred Wordings

Workflow enhancements

Those new features aren’t the only improvements to Mozart.

Anyone who’s worked on a group project knows how difficult it is to keep everyone involved and on the same page. From the Type A individuals who meticulously achieve “inbox zero”, to those who never clear their inbox – and everyone in between, keeping track of a document through multiple drafts and every stakeholder’s review in an organized fashion can feel like a fool’s errand.

But Mozart’s new workflow module allows customers to establish and maintain a forms development workflow process from beginning to end, enhancing the existing project functionality with more granular detail. Users can view all pending assignments and capture specific workflow activities and statuses on one screen, which can also help in the event of staff turnover by allowing remaining team members to access projects and see them to the end. The features allow companies to keep track of existing forms development processes – or implement one if it doesn’t already exist – for any forms from research, drafting, editing, and all the way to submission.

Mozart’s goal, from the start, has been to help you keep your forms and form management in harmony, and the addition of preferred wordings and concept search for research, analysis, and development of new forms, and workflow enhancements for improved collaboration can help make life easier.

Learn more about Mozart Form Composer and the latest enhancements. 

John Scerbo

John Scerbo is director of product management for ISO Underwriting. To learn more about Mozart, you can contact John at

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