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Avoiding the potholes on the last mile

As millennials wield growing purchasing power, their online shopping is going places where many older consumers are reluctant to venture—and that could change the staffing game for some shipping companies. Bloomberg recently reported on the growth in so-called last-mile deliveries, which bring everything from major appliances to large home furnishings to consumers who never set foot in a store.

Looking to provide a premium customer experience from click to delivery, online retailers are enlisting shippers that will do more than get an item from the warehouse to the consumer’s door. As Bloomberg noted, delivery personnel increasingly may be expected to hook up appliances, assemble furniture in the customer’s home, and more.

This trend raises some interesting questions to go with the opportunity. Are you sure your employees are capable of the additional roles you’re asking them to assume? How comfortable are you with them spending more and more time in consumers’ homes?

Digging deeper

To navigate that “last mile” safely, you may need more than the standard driver screening services you’re accustomed to receiving. When you’re ready to take a deeper dive into your employees’ fitness for the job, iiX is here to help. We’re already a trusted, efficient source for motor vehicle reports and compliance tools to meet federal regulatory requirements—but we can give you more.

iiX offers verified criminal background checks that can be customized for a company’s specific needs. Searches can be tailored to obtain more complete coverage and reveal crimes prosecuted at multiple levels in the U.S. court system.

  • Consider CheckPlus for cost-efficient screening to verify Social Security numbers and search county-level criminal records and sex-offender registries.
  • For a more comprehensive solution, choose CheckPlus Premium to add searches on the Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctions list; a multistate index of criminal and arrest records; and corrections department records.

If you’re an iiX customer, it’s a simple matter of contacting your account representative to explore how we can help you navigate the changes in your business. If you’re just taking a look at iiX, you’re welcome to call any time and learn how we can help you with a wide range of employee screening needs, from the basics to the thorny issues that may be just around the corner. 

Michael Rendon

Michael Rendón is a product manager of the Verisk Analytics iiX unit, a premier provider of motor vehicle reports (MVRs) and pre-employment screening services. He is also supervisor of the National Accounts Management team. He joined iiX in 2018. He graduated from Texas A&M University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences.

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