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360value Webinar On Demand

Maximize actionable underwriting data at bind and renewal

Evaluating property risk is increasingly complex and data-intensive. You can simplify workflows and accelerate underwriting and rating with a consolidated, wide-ranging, and continually updated source.

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Simpler Reconstruction

Quickly integrate and connect to the Verisk ecosystem

Integrating new data sources and technology can demand significant IT resources and time. Verisk backs its underwriting data solutions with a robust, flexible architecture to deliver near-instantaneous information when insurers need it.

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Track the latest changes to reconstruction costs

Reconstruction costs can change over time, and at different rates. Each quarter, Verisk’s reconstruction cost data reports provide reconstruction cost trends at the national and state levels.

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Itv Alignment

Five strategies for better replacement cost estimates

As a leader in replacement cost estimation for more than 20 years, Verisk recommends five strategies to help avoid outdated valuations that could leave insurers and their customers vulnerable.

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Challenges Of Roof Risk

Taking cover: Mastering the challenges of roof risk

The cost and structural complexity of a roof, coupled with its critical role as protection from the elements, can raise particular concerns for many property insurance underwriters.

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Florida Case Study

Adapting to Florida’s new roof coverage rules

Insurers may consider carefully how well equipped they are to manage their Florida homeowners exposure. Verisk stands ready to help evaluate these portfolios using multiple sources and types of data and analytics.

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Close up view of cracked, arid, orange-colored soil

Ice, Fire, Wind, and Water

Examine recent activity, trends, and data-driven tools that can help measure and mitigate risk surrounding destructive categories of hazards.

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Wildfire Risk Analysis

Track the latest wildfire exposure

Verisk’s wildfire risk analysis determines the number and percentage of properties at high and extreme risk from wildfire in the 13 most wildfire-prone states and two Canadian provinces.

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Marshall Fire

Building property risk profiles from a data ecosystem

As wildfires and other natural catastrophes grow in frequency and severity, so does the value of data ecosystems to help insurers gain a comprehensive view of property risk, from address-level exposure to up-to-date reconstruction costs.

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Lifecycle Of A Property

The Lifecycle of a Property

Discovering property change events helps insurers obtain a clearer view of their portfolio to help focus on profitability, maintain underwriting standards, and focus on new business growth.

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Press Releases

Neighborhood view from above

Branch Accelerates Growth and Customer Satisfaction with Verisk’s In-Depth Views of Household Risk

Branch is delivering fast, simple transactions for consumers that improve the customer experience and lift conversion rates by integrating granular reliable data...

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Apartment and sidewalk

Openly Modernizes Homeowners Insurance with Growth Strategy Driven by Verisk Data

Openly, a growing provider of homeowners insurance, is delivering a modern, simplified customer experience powered by advanced technology and data from Verisk.

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Verisk Helps Insurers Respond to New Wildfire Regulation in California

As California insurers face new regulatory measures to address rating of property coverage in wildfire-prone areas, Verisk stands ready to help the industry navigate...

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Construction Of A Home

Verisk Announces Expanded Integration of 360Value® on Duck Creek Platform

Verisk, a leading global data analytics provider, announced today the expanded integration of its 360Value® replacement cost estimates on Duck Creek’s Content Exchange.

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Aerial image of neighborhood

VYRD Launches Homeowners Insurance in Florida Powered by Verisk Data

VYRD is transforming the experience of buying insurance in the challenging Florida market with reliable data from Verisk

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Mountain West Farm Bureau Adopts Verisk’s Reliable Reconstruction Cost Estimates to Refine Underwriting

Mountain West Farm Bureau Insurance Co. is implementing Verisk’s market-leading solution for property reconstruction cost estimates.

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Pioneer State Mutual Integrates Verisk’s Local Fire Protection Data

Pioneer State Mutual is transforming its property underwriting.

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Discover broader, deeper data

Determining the right level of protection requires detailed knowledge, from foundation to rooftop, sidewalk to garden shed. Learn how Verisk residential property intelligence solutions can help you better underwrite and manage risk.


Replacement cost estimates grounded in actual claims experience

With 360Value, your replacement cost estimates can accurately reflect real-world prices for labor and materials, based on extensive research, direct data feeds, claims analyses, and communication with 92,000 claims and building contractors


A wealth of data, a simpler workflow

Speed wins today’s customer, and you can move faster with Verisk’s ecosystem of data-forward solutions for personal property workflows. Digital transformation could be your key to profitable growth.

Webinars on demand

ITV for Today’s Property Market: Tracking the Trends and the Details

In this session, we’ll examine how detailed reconstruction cost and permit data together can capture market forces and property changes for more current ITV calculations.

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How Insurers Can Confront Climate-Driven Growth of Natural Hazards

Natural catastrophes generated $176B in claims across the U.S. in 2020 and 2021, as weather-related threats and property development accelerated in vulnerable areas.

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360Value: Tracking Trends and Innovation in Replacement Costs

This webinar explores the latest replacement cost trends, and the importance of our new property confidence scores

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OneXperience: The Simple Solution to Digital Inspections

Backed by the power of the Verisk ecosystem, OneXperience allows insurers to gain a comprehensive view of property risk.

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Replacement Reset: Five Strategies to Better Align Insurance to Value

Verisk offers five key strategies to help avoid underinsurance and outdated valuations that could leave you and your customers vulnerable in the event of a total loss.

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Understanding Wildfire Risk: Insights Across the Insurance Lifecycle

Our experts will investigate the potential impacts of climate change on wildfire, and examine how the insurance industry can account for this peril.

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The New Science of Roof Risk, Powered by Imagery Analytics

This session explores emerging capabilities and analytics derived from our aerial imagery and roof analytics to help capture a comprehensive view of property risk.

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Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Help Capture a Home's Evolving Risk Profile

In this session, we’ll discuss how robust data and advanced analytics can help insurers verify critical changes to homes throughout the policy life cycle.

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Visualize Articles

Apple Picking

Insuring Agritainment: Evolving solutions for a 200-year-old business

Insuring Agritainment: Evolving solutions for a 200-year-old business

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Fla Filing Teaser

Inside Verisk’s race to respond to new Florida insurance legislation

A new law is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the Florida insurance market.

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Main Itv

Maintain ITV in a volatile market with property-level insights

Insurers must explore changes affecting their risk portfolio and leverage component- and property-level insights to help them maintain ITV.

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Hurricane Season Teaser

Hurricanes: The current threat and the future warning signals

As climate change unfolds, hurricanes give a high-profile glimpse into the potential effects of a warming world.

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Prefill Data Workflows Teaser

Smarter and faster: Prefill data to help accelerate workflows

Current and curated data about a structure’s age, square footage, and use are the backbone of reliable reconstruction cost estimates (RCEs).

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Q1 Quarterly Report 23 1

Quarterly reconstruction cost increases continue to steady

Total reconstruction costs increased 4.3% from July 2022 to July 2023. This uptick follows the 3.1% increase from April 2022 to April 2023.

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E Bike Teaser

The E-bike Coverage Question: Far from Resolved

As e-bikes become more popular, there are increasing concerns insurers must consider.

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Reconstruction Teaser

Reconstruction costs vs. market value: the hidden coverage crisis

Market value and reconstruction cost estimates are unique measures subject to different forces; only RCEs should be used for coverage.

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