Automatically tag and organize incoming assignments, then share and report on details

XactAnalysis SP is an assignment management and business analysis tools for service providers. It lets you see assignment details, update and manage jobs, ensure you’re meeting carrier standards, and access SP from the field.

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Send, share, and receive assignment data

Some of XactAnalysis SP’s most notable features include customizing assignment notifications to match your workflow needs and getting turn-by-turn directions to the loss site. You can also share notes and actions items electronically, automatically upload estimate information with a single function, and be notified instantly about assignments from multiple senders.

Use the same tools major carriers do

Stay on top of your operations with activity reports. Get feedback straight from your customers. Gain insights with estimate analysis. Keep your data secure. And take advantage of the retail labor rate calculator. It’s these features that make XactAnalysis SP a must-have tool to manage your business.

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