Mastering data compliance reporting requirements for 
workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation data compliance reporting is challenging; insurers must carefully format and submit detailed claim and policy data to state jurisdictions and data collection organizations. Verisk has solutions for all workers’ compensation compliance reporting needs that will help save time and improve reporting accuracy.

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Simplify workers’ compensation reporting with the EDI Reporting Map

Managing numerous compliance reporting obligations can be overwhelming, especially when working through technical challenges in EDI states. If you struggle to keep up with each jurisdiction’s specifications, we have a tool that can help: the EDI Reporting Map.

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Workers’ comp reporting to meet every state’s requirements

Navigating the complexities of workers’ compensation state reporting is extremely challenging—but it doesn’t have to be. wcPrism® provides a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify workers’ comp data reporting.

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Insurers can handle workers’ compensation reporting with wcPrism®

wcPrism is a complete suite of workers’ compensation data compliance reporting products for insurers. The component solutions include:

  • Injury Reporter — Satisfies states’ Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) electronic compliance requirements for first and subsequent reports of injury (FROI/SROI) with accuracy and confidence
  • Unit Statistical Reporter — Meets data collection organization (DCO) requirements for aggregation and valuation of policy and claim data for the submission of unit statistical reports (USRs)
  • Detailed Claim Information (DCI) Reporter — Meets DCO requirements for reporting specific claims data elements for randomly sampled claims
  • Policy Reporter — Meets DCO and state jurisdiction requirements for reporting policy information (WCPOLS) to individual DCOs and proof-of-coverage information (POC) to state jurisdictions to avoid noncompliance fines
  • Medical Reporter — Consolidates medical bills into one data warehouse to manage compliance reporting for all DCOs
  • Indemnity Data Call — Meets requirements for aggregation and valuation of indemnity claim data for the submission of the indemnity data call to the DCOs

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Now supporting NCCI’s new call for indemnity data

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) announced that new data reporting for indemnity benefit payments will be required in 2020. Data reporters will need to report additional data elements for indemnity benefit payments. wcPrism meets requirements for aggregation and valuation of claim data for indemnity claims. Read more on our blog.

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