It’s easier than you think to know exactly what you’re insuring.

Setting the proper premiums for personal auto policies can be tricky, especially for collision and comprehensive coverages. It’s crucial to know the specific vehicle’s current ISO Vehicle Series Rating Symbol—or you could misprice the risk. But information provided at point of sale may be incomplete.

Rating Symbols

Get the Symbols you need to rate your customers’ vehicles, with or without the VIN.

Predictive Modeling Tools for Vehicles

Access robust modules to help classify, segment, and price risks based on vehicle attributes.

Motorcycles Too

Get rating codes to support refined pricing for motorcycle programs.

Use the trusted industry standard

ISO Vehicle Series Rating Symbols are updated regularly for each private passenger vehicle series and every model year since 1981 to indicate the relative risk of loss based on experience.

Learn how it works for physical damage, and for liability and PIP/medical.

Track high-tech driver aids

Get information on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) available in 2012 and newer private passenger vehicles.

Discover VINMASTER—VINterpret Safety  


Take a deeper dive

The ISO Risk Analyzer® Personal Auto Vehicle Module is a powerful analytic tool to help you make highly refined loss projections.

See how ISO Risk Analyzer can work for you.

Complete the bundle

If you can package motorcycle coverage with other personal lines products, you can boost customer retention. But you need to distinguish the cruisers from the sportbikes.

Get to know the machine you’re writing.

Refine your personal auto underwriting

VINMASTER® empowers you to determine premiums more accurately for your personal auto risk portfolio⎯ even when you don’t have the vehicle identification number (VIN).

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Meet the needs of the motorcycle market

There’s a turnkey answer to the challenge of motorcycle coverage and rating.

Learn about the ISO Motorcycle Program