Verisk Device Reputation Service

Verisk Device Reputation Service uses device intelligence to help detect and prevent online insurance fraud by exposing the reputation of Internet-enabled devices. The technology examines the hardware used to conduct an insurance transaction to determine whether the device is linked to previous fraudulent activity or has other risk indicators.

How it works

When an Internet-enabled device (such as a desktop, tablet, smart phone, or even smart TV) accesses your website to request a policy quote, purchase a new policy, or make an insurance claim, Verisk Device Reputation Service helps evaluate the risk of that transaction. The technology uses a combination of advanced device identification, shared-device reputation, and real-time risk evaluation.

The service detects whether the device has been used in previous fraudulent activity, such as linking to accounts or other devices with known histories of fraud. Other real-time risk indicators are also exposed, including excessive repeated use of the same device or evasion techniques attempting to mask the nature of the device or its location.

The service generates a score that helps you assess applicant integrity. Verisk Device Reputation Service can mitigate fraud risk at all stages of the policy life cycle and help prevent loss at:

  • quote and policy inception, before any loss can be incurred
  • endorsement, when a new risk might be introduced
  • claim, as an extra layer of identity verification
  • renewal, when there’s another opportunity to minimize future exposure

Verisk Device Reputation Service is powered by iovation, the world's largest device-based fraud prevention network.

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