Micro-Businessowners Program

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Take advantage of a potential big opportunity in the microbusiness space

of home businesses don’t have insurance1

of all small businesses are uninsured1

A unique market




Starting a company out of a home or shared space has become more common than ever as more people look to follow their passions in the gig economy. These microbusinesses include home-based and shared-space businesses with specific needs, risks, and exposures—and they often lack insurance coverage. Verisk’s MicroBOP program addresses businesses with four employees or fewer.

Some micro-businessowners don’t see or understand the need for insurance. Educating these customers is an important task because they may believe that their personal insurance policies include coverage for their microbusiness activities, coverage is too expensive, or coverage is unnecessary.

Verisk’s Micro-Businessowners Program


Verisk’s Micro-Businessowners Program

Highlights for insurers

  • Limited underwriting – black box potential
  • Demonstrates innovation
  • Responds to the growing economy
  • Controlled risk with defined limits
  • Limited loss control needs

Highlights for customers

  • Easy-to-read forms
  • Lower cost
  • Introduction to commercial market
  • All-in-one additional insured
  • Easy to purchase


Webinar: Insuring Shared-Space and Gig Economy Businesses

Learn more about how ISO Micro-Businessowners program addresses the unique needs of this segment.

View the webinar

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2. SBA/US Census 2013