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Roof Age

Capture a critical risk factor with confidence

Unmatched data coverage and reliability

Verisk combines permit insights, assessor records, and an array of other data elements to assess the age of a structure’s roof using our deep industry experience and advanced data science.

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There are about 75 million properties in the US with roofs approaching the end of life1

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$1.31B in annual premium leakage due to underestimated roof age2

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50% increase in severe wind, thunderstorm, and hail events3

Discover the benefits of Roof Age


Discover the benefits of Roof Age

Refine risk selection and segmentation, accelerate quote to bind, prioritize use of inspection resources, improve renewal strategy, and fine-tune catastrophe model outputs.

Taking cover: Mastering the challenges of roof risk

Roof Risk

The cost and structural complexity of a roof, coupled with its critical role as protection from the elements, can raise particular concerns for many property insurance underwriters. Verisk estimates U.S. roof claims exceeded $19 billion just in 2021, making up about 30 percent of all property loss dollars.

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How old is that roof?

Roof Damage

How old is that roof?

Validating roof age is an ongoing challenge for many homeowners insurers that demands a range of reliable sources to verify age, condition, and characteristics.

Know your true roof exposure

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Combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with leading data and analytics, Verisk provides key roof information for every property you insure.

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Examine critical roof characteristics

Personal Property Roof 1 1

Examine critical roof characteristics

Roofs can vary significantly by material and shape, and reconstruction costs of materials can fluctuate. Holistic views of roofs can help underwrite properties with precision.

Ice, Fire, Wind, and Water

Wildfire And Risk Mitigation Issue 2

This report examines recent activity, trends, and data-driven tools to help insurers and communities better measure and mitigate risk surrounding three especially destructive categories of hazards: Hail and severe thunderstorms, wildfires, and hurricanes.

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The New Science of Roof Risk, Powered by Imagery Analytics

New Science Of Roof Risk

The New Science of Roof Risk, Powered by Imagery Analytics

The growth of imagery analytics as a property underwriting tool accelerated through the pandemic is changing the future of risk assessment. Explore capabilities derived from our aerial imagery and roof analytics to help capture a comprehensive view of property risk.

Florida's market and regulatory forces are changing the profile of roof exposure for many insurers. Powerful data and analytics can help maintain a clear picture.

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