Roof Conditions

Enhanced segmentation using roof age


A true data-driven source for validation and segmentation

Verisk combines unique proprietary data elements to assess roof condition, including contractor, weather, real estate, and permit data, developed and modeled using our deep industry experience and advanced data science.

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More precise underwriting and rating with validated data

The average life expectancy of the most common roof cover is about 20 years.*  So, for homes aged 20 to 25 years, the roof age most likely matches the home’s age. But that may not be so for older homes. Roof age data from Verisk can help end reliance on the common source for such information—your insured’s best guess or the latest visual inspection.

*Source: National Association of Home Builders

Segment for a competitive advantage

Roof age data from Verisk can support validation to drive segmentation. When an older home’s age is less meaningful for segmentation, you can rely on Verisk’s Roof Age to better separate  high- and low-risk homes.

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