Public Protection Classification (PPC) Service

Public Protection Classification (PPCTM) Service from Verisk's ISO unit, gauges the fire protection capability of local fire departments to respond to structure fires at properties in which your company has a financial stake.

We collect information on a community's public fire protection and analyze the data using our Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS). We then assign a PPC from 1 to 10. Class 1 represents the best public protection, and Class 10 indicates no recognized protection.

We recently updated our classifications to include new designations effective July 1, 2014:

  • We revised our split classifications to reflect more precisely the risk of loss in a community. In a 5/9 or 5/8B classification, we replaced Class 9 with 1X through 8X and 8B with 1Y through 8Y. That indicates the nearest creditable water supply is more than 1,000 feet from the risk but other features of the community's fire protection apply.
  • Our new 10W water classification applies to risks located more than 5 but less than 7 road miles from a responding fire station with a creditable water source within 1,000 feet. Such risks had better loss experience than those with no creditable water source.

By classifying a community's ability to suppress fires, we provide crucial information for understanding the entire landscape of risk associated with a specific property. We have extensive information on more than 47,000 fire protection areas.

PPC is available in various electronic formats and through LOCATION®, Verisk's risk assessment tool. We release the latest updates to PPC listings through the Community Mitigation Classification (CMC) Manual Plus, CMC Revisions, and a monthly online circular.

For more information about PPC Service

  • Call us at 1-800-888-4476.