PCS Overview

Information is the lifeblood of risk and capital management, especially for catastrophes and weather events. With PCS®, you'll get immediate access to the severe weather data you need to manage your business effectively and efficiently.

PCS helps you:

  • understand the implications associated with severe weather and catastrophe incidents
  • manage and staff your operations
  • track catastrophe estimates
  • understand the scope of individual incidents and how they affect your business
  • identify triggering events as they happen
  • improve risk management and underwriting
  • make better decisions about loss reserves, risks, investments, and resources

PCS thoroughly investigates and collects data on disasters in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada. We provide analytics that define the extent and type of damage, establish dates of occurrence, and determine the geographic areas affected. PCS assigns catastrophe serial numbers — which the industry uses to track losses.

Using our national network of insurer claim departments, adjusters, emergency managers, agents, fire and police officials, and meteorologists, PCS provides data on insured losses following catastrophes and maintains contact with industry representatives in many countries.

Levels of service

ISOnet® PCS, our core service — As a leading information service for insurance professionals, ISOnet provides complete, up-to-date reporting on all severe weather incidents. It includes daily severe weather and catastrophe updates, current catastrophe bulletins, and ongoing tracking reports.

Additional aggregation tools — Depending on your needs, you can enhance your ISOnet PCS service at an additional cost with one of two aggregation tools designed for historical trending and analysis with detailed data going back to 1950.

  • FlatCat® offers you a more flexible approach to predictive modeling. Not only do you get access to the PCS catastrophe-history database, but you can also customize your reporting for a more tailored and relevant analysis based on your needs. FlatCat is an encrypted flat-file database, and you must have the IT capabilities to incorporate it into your system.

Accessing the advanced analytical functionality of our catastrophe-history database through CatCube and FlatCat aggregation tools lets you:

  • evaluate your portfolio
  • monitor large industry losses
  • analyze the spread of risk regarding reinsurance
  • determine the financial risk associated with a particular securitization or peril

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