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Severe weather and catastrophe loss data from PCS

ISOnet® PCS® is the online information delivery service that provides the insurance and risk management community with the primary source of information on catastrophes and weather incidents in the United States. ISOnet is the core PCS subscription service that lets customers stay on top of important data and keep track of weather and catastrophes as they happen. You can get information dating back to 1950 and access our ISOnet PCS database for a wide variety of authoritative accounts, reports, and other data.

A wide range of catastrophe-related information

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A wide range of catastrophe-related information

Here are some examples of weather and catastrophe information available on ISOnet:

  • Daily severe weather summaries — descriptions of severe weather with current data, including conditions, forecasts, and satellite and radar maps
  • Catastrophe bulletins — the latest details on recent and past catastrophes, with the ability to select information by date, state, peril, or catastrophe serial number
  • Storm and event tracking reports — up-to-date data on tropical storms and events occurring on land but not yet declared catastrophes by PCS
  • Catastrophe news (estimate updates) — catastrophe loss summaries and periodic bulletins on issues affecting the insurance industry’s response to catastrophes
  • Catastrophe History Reporter — five detailed reports to help you compare and analyze the effects of catastrophic events
  • Claims information services
  • PCS help bulletins — guidelines and procedures for claims adjusters
  • Catastrophe claims-handling regulations — catastrophe-only information about state adjuster licensing laws, valued-policy laws, acts concerning unfair claims practices, and other laws and regulations

Additional level of ISOnet service

Depending on your needs, you can choose to enhance the ISOnet PCS service at an additional cost with FlatCat®, which offers flexible, customized reporting and analysis.

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