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Mozart Form Composer

Struggling to organize, track, and update your insurance policy forms and language?

Updating policy language across multiple lines can be more challenging than conducting a symphony orchestra. But, you can harmonize your forms and increase speed to market by becoming the conductor of your company’s forms development process.

Work in concert with your colleagues

Mozart® helps insurers enhance operational efficiency, reduce compliance and regulatory risk, protect their intellectual capital, and develop consistent forms workflows from creation to filing.


Mozart enables you to develop new insurance forms and edit existing ones quickly and easily. You can author and update custom forms or edit ISO Forms you’ve licensed from Verisk.


Create new projects, share your work with other users, provide commentary on drafts, track revisions, and manage your internal approvals directly within the Mozart cloud platform.

Work smarter

Capture specific workflow activities and monitor progress using pre-built workflows or customize your own unique workflows using our flexible toolkit.


Mozart allows you to centralize and organize all your proprietary forms along with the ISO Forms that you license.


Mozart contains an audit trail for each document so there’s no more guessing at what’s the latest, internally approved version—or when historical changes were made by you and your colleagues.


With up to 50 customizable metadata fields, you have the ability to describe or categorize proprietary and ISO Forms in ways that are meaningful to you.


Through an intuitive tagging system Mozart lets you tag forms so you can quickly search and retrieve them using concepts like “nonstandard auto” or “ridesharing.”


Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can train Mozart to identify concepts in forms that may be expressed differently across your forms library. You can also create preferred wordings (i.e. approved policy language or standard clauses) and compare differences among preferred wordings and clauses across your forms portfolio.


Is your form easy to understand? You can score your forms with our advisory readability tool, either individually or as a batch of forms.


With the Mozart match wording functionality, you can search your proprietary and ISO Forms library for specific phrases and perform batch edits.


Need to compare forms or endorsements, find similar language and compare clauses across your forms library? Leave it to Mozart.


Mozart supports an end-to-end insurance forms workflow.

Thanks to an integration with FilingRamp, Mozart users can file their forms with the System for Electronic Rates & Forms Filing (SERFF), the filing system managed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in one seamless workflow. Mozart enables users to export the forms and filing documents they’ve developed in Mozart directly into FilingRamp to help maintain a single source of truth when editing and updating forms in response to regulators.


A new way to think about insurance forms & contracts

Mozart Block Image

A new way to think about insurance forms & contracts

Keep up with the complexity of insurance language and form development process and explore how Verisk's Mozart From Composer® can help you work smarter.

How Mozart helps insurers work smarter


An InsurTech solution for protecting your intellectual capital

Forms Development Process

An InsurTech solution for protecting your intellectual capital

In an era of unprecedented talent turnover, insurers’ policy forms, forms development processes, and other intellectual capital may be at grave risk. Learn more about the structural and human capital risks facing insurers and the technology solutions that can help.

Having all of our forms and ISO forms in one place makes it easier to develop new forms or a new line of business. We are able to issue policies quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Mozart makes the coordination process much easier and has been a most helpful workflow tool.

  • Cheri Stribling
  • Underwriting and Project Development Manager, Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company

See how Mozart makes insurance forms management easy


See how Mozart makes insurance forms management easy

Southern Farm Bureau uses Mozart insurance forms manager to improve its form development process across several states. With Mozart, Southern Farm Bureau has been able to increase their efficiency and reduce the time it takes to update and file a form by weeks.

I have used the Mozart Composer function with the Word drop-in function to create multiple drafts of potential forms we are considering for use. I love the Composer function because it allows me to create forms that are consistent in formatting and appearance.

  • Raymond Nipper
  • Product Development Analyst, Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance Companies

How wording leakage threatens insurers

Mozart Brochure

How wording leakage threatens insurers

Are you worried that your policy forms may be inconsistent or outdated? Are you frustrated when you try to find and update forms, or get new products out the door? If so, you may be suffering from wording leakage.

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