Mozart Form Composer


End the noise and harmonize your forms. Discover Mozart.

Updating policy language across multiple lines can be more challenging than conducting a symphony orchestra. But, you can harmonize your forms and increase speed to market by becoming the conductor of your company’s forms development process.


Discover an InsurTech Solution

You need an InsurTech solution to help you get your forms in sync and ensure they all have the right language.

With Mozart Form Composer, you can easily research, create, and edit policy wordings, helping you gain efficiencies in time to market for both new products and critical coverage updates.

The number of CIOs who stated that they took, on average, six months or more to bring a new product to market.*

*Novarica study

of executives want better integration between systems.*

*Novarica study

Work in concert with your colleagues


Why is it so hard to update coverage forms?

Property/casualty insurers frequently face major challenges when creating customized updates to coverage forms, often because they rely on manual processes and inadequate technology.

Keeping all your forms in harmony

Insurers need to act expeditiously to update their forms that are outdated and ensure that their cancellation and nonrenewal provisions are consistent with the law.


Forms management: A growing need

A Novarica Research Partners Program report on conversations with CIOs for large and midsized insurers found that querying multiple databases during forms development can be a significant drain on resources and delay speed to market.

To address these challenges, a number of product developers have requested improved forms management, including better tools for searching for and updating forms.